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Wholesome World is a collection of recipes, nutritional information and lifestyle resources; from medical research to nutritional, physical and mental health. Made to push maintenance of a happy and healthy lifestyle. This is an app you want to explore. Find out more here.


I have a friend that I describe as one of the strongest, most positive women I am lucky enough to have in my life, and call a friend. We met when she first moved to Australia over 10 years ago and most recently explored the Galapagos Islands together when I sailed across the Pacific Ocean on Finding Avalon. 


To say Freya has had it tough would be the mother of all understatements. She has been through the wringer but I have never heard her once complain. EVER. After her husband past away from Cancer and surviving her own brain tumor, she has put all her energy into helping others. With backing from the National Health Service in the UK, Freya has produced an incredible app to help people that are either going through cancer, or wanting to follow a cancer-fighting diet, with their nutritional needs. I can say with my hand-on-heart that it is bloody awesome! 


While we encourage you to download her app Wholesome World and share with any friends who would benefit from this sort of medical research-informed advice, we also wanted to share her incredibly sad but inspiring story.


Wholesome World App


Listen to Freya tell her story at 07:41


Love at first sight & cancer

Freyja met Lars in 2012 in Lombok Indonesia on a surf trip. They were bouncing throughout the islands for different waves and kept bumping into each other. Both were young; 25 years old. Unknown to Freyja at the time, Lars had previously experienced one wave of Synovial Sarcoma cancer in his abdomen, discovered when he was 24. This cancer came back within 6 months of their relationship.


Very few people get this disease. It accounts for less than 1% of all cancers. Doctors usually find it in teens and young adults (ages 15 to 35).


Freyja moved to Aachen, near Cologne in Germany to help him through his treatment after his operation to remove the abdominal cancer. The cancer couldn’t be removed at that first operation due to the complexity of its growth, and simply being too close to his organs. The doctors pushed chemo. He was cleared. The cancer came back.

This happened again and again.

Lars was an exceptional patient. Strong, methodical, and deeply in love with Freyja. He fought hard to beat the cancer. But 2 years later with another ‘all clear’ the gaps between cancer reformation were embellished; Lars and Freyja move to Cornwall to be by the beach. By the ocean. Walking the cliffs. And surfing…


Freya Wholesome World App
Lars & Freya – Photo Barney Walters


They married in September 2014 and on November 6th, Lars passed away.

Life in Cornwall was… ‘weird’ Freyja says. It was like life before as a kid, back with mum and dad. Life had regressed. Her new life of the past 2 years, like Lars, had vanished. She threw herself into fitness, the Cornish ocean life, and her job, working for Made For Life Organics which is a 100% organic skincare company and cancer massage and research charity. It gave her a shallow life focus, but a solid distraction from her loss.


Then the unthinkable happened

The next summer, she kept falling: in the surf, when out running, or just walking into door frames – everything was badly focused. It was like being hungover, having exhaustion waves, and random head rushes all the time, like those from standing up too quickly. She broke her nose 5 times from falling and simply misjudging distances in her surroundings.

The 5th time a ‘weird moment’ happened (the falling, the dizziness). She forced the doctor to write it down on her file as the general practitioner didn’t find it remarkable – she had given them headspace insight to her injuries and health being so mentally off-piste for over 6 months by this point.


Then… it happened when she was driving. Twice. This scared her, and thinking straight after it happened was getting more difficult. It invoked the thought of causing harm to other people from being behind the wheel. It was too much.

Straight back to the doctor, it was taken seriously although she felt uncomfortable pushing for a test. She was sent to a neuro-specialist for an MRI brain scan. It was approximately a year from the trauma of Lars passing away.

The results of the scan took a grueling 2-3 months to come back. When it did come back, they had found dead tissue. Evidence of a brain cancer: Anaplastic Oligodengroglioma at it strongest grade – Grade III.

From diagnosis there was a rush to operate.


Brain surgery

The surgeon on the public health system wanted to only take up to half of the affected area out, so she was pushed through a family connection for a visit to a private neuro-surgeon, who offered another avenue… To take all of it out with an additional safety boarder. He alerted her to the fact that by leaving the remaining cancer tissue, it would be leaving a huge risk in the future for the cancer to regrow. Deeper. And less fightable. It would not be an option to enter the brain a second time.

She followed his insight to take it all out. That’s what Lars would have done – push the hardest to get the best treatment. It was all out; all or nothing.


Freya Wholesome World App
Freja in the hospital


Tumor free & helping others with Wholesome World 

The surgery was successful and today, several years later we can proudly say that Freja is cancer-free. Having done the research into nutritional advice for cancer patients with both Lars and then herself, Freya was demotivated at the quality of research-based information out there. 

She knew the importance of diet in fighting cancer and wanted to create a product that would help people that found themselves in a similar situation: distressed and overloaded with information in a time of deep stress.


Wholesome World App


So she made an Anti-Cancer App offering users access to valid, industry-reviewed information to avoid and battle cancer. Wholesome World is a collection of recipes, nutritional information and lifestyle resources; from medical research to nutritional, physical and mental health. Made to push maintenance of a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Download the app now – it is an incredible resource.

Wholesome World App

 All of the recipes and information on the app are specifically designed to inform people how they can prevent and overcome cancer-related health issues as well as improve general wellbeing.

– Delicious nutritious dishes to make for yourself or others
– Insight to anticancer ingredients
– Nutritional information for every recipe
– Share with family and friends
– Clear labeling and searches for all diets, including; gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian, free of refined sugar and simply smooth, for those going through treatment
– Simply create a shopping list
– Playlist from Freyja’s hard times; on Spotify


All of the resources are those which have inspired Freyja and helped her focus on health and wellbeing.

Wholesome World simplifies the research and effort for those who want to understand and control their health.

Download the app now 


Freya from Wholesome World App


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