The Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere

Altec Lansing has made a great waterproof, Bluetooth speaker in the Jacket H2O, ready for any adventure


I wish I always travelled with a speaker. But the thing is, I always break them, forget the wires or the bulk and weight of them makes travelling with them too restrictive. After interrogating Altec Lansing on its weight (they also make the lighter, Mini H20 at 0.11kg), I opted for the Jacket H20 Speaker with superior sound quality at 0.4kg.


Altec Lansing Jacket H20 details:

  • $69.99 USD – cheaper on Amazon
  • 1-year warranty
  • 10-hour battery life
  • 100feet wireless range
  • Waterproof, shockproof, snow proof, sand proof!


A waterproof speaker that floats

So this is a speaker I can submerge totally under water? Yes. So I did…


Altec Lansig Jacket H20 review


And then I took it in the bath!


Altec Lansig Jacket H20 review


Most other rugged bluetooth speakers are merely splash proof, like the popular UE Boom. So it’s good to know that this speaker can withstand the shore-break on a surf trip, uninvited rain at a BBQ or melting snow dripping on it when I leave it on the porch. This is one part of its design that I really welcomed. And it floats so you can drop it off the wakeboard boat. So far so good…


The manual recommends you rinse it off after exposing it to salt water to ‘maintain proper long term performance’. Sound advice.



A rugged design you can drop on concrete

The H20 Jacket comes with its own item of clothing. A cool rubber jacket that protects the speaker. You can take this off but since it protects the product and provides the durability, I recommend keeping it on. For this test, I threw it from 2m to the concrete, knocked it off tables and stood on it. Still played. Still worked. A pretty solid speaker they got here. Good enough for me.


Altec Lansig Jacket H20 review


Altec Lansing Jacket H20 sound quality

Now I’m no sound expert but I can say with full confidence that this isn’t the best sounding speaker on the market. You can definitely do better BUT for the price, this is a pretty sweet deal. It does sound a little thin, little high in the treble and mids. For example, when listening to hip hop, I wished I could turn the base up and when listening to dance music, it sounded a bit too bright and dry. A few things helped make the sound quality better, like putting the speaker on a resonant surface like a book (made the base stronger), and placing it in the corner of a room so the acoustics could flourish.


I don’t read instructions so this better be easy!

Open box, take out product, throw away instructions. That’s pretty much how I roll with everything so the ultimate test was going to be my patience (I have patience tattooed to my wrist as a reminder of my shortcomings in this department!). I turned it on, found “The Jacket H20 3” instantly on my phone’s Bluetooth search, paired it, pressed play and BOOM, there are my tunes! No instructions needed. Stoked. It switched really easy when I got a phone call too.


What about two speakers?

Yup, you can do that too. Super easy to pair two speakers.


Other cool features

It’s got a screw thread for a tripod on the base so you can set it up or secure it.

It comes with a USB charging cable, AC-in cable for the mains and an AUX cable.

All line-in connections protected by rubber seals in the back.


Altec Lansig Jacket H20 review


Altec Lansing Jacket H20 3 specifications

  • Dimensions: 2.5″ X 6.5″ X 2.125″
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 100feet
  • Pairs up to two devices


Overall impression of Altec Lansing Jacket H20 Speaker

I’m pretty stoked on this speaker. For the size and durability it’s the perfect travel companion for someone like me: always outside, things fall out of my bag all the time, I forget the charging cables, I do not look after my things so they need to be durable! The price makes this speaker even more awesome. The fact that I can take it out the back in the line-up when we are surfing makes it even more rad… Even if it makes me a total idiot! Line up’s are for surfing, not tunes! But you’ll want to show this floating speaker off!

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  1. Ive seen these before and I’ve been searching for one for the summer in Florida. The price is pretty with the sound quality i always say “you get what you pay for”

  2. I take a Bluetooth speaker with me every time I fly. This seems like a fun investment AND it can get wet? I’m sold!

  3. I didn’t know there are speakers that you can take under water, how cool is that! That must be so handy for traveling and they look pretty amazing as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. You really did through this speaker through the wringer to test it! I love how you broke down the pros/cons, It looks like it would be great for traveling and summer parties

  5. I love that you took this in the bath, a very important part of any waterproofing test in my opinion. After reading your review I think this would be a perfect accessory for my next paddle boarding trip. :)


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