The Dangers of Bad Posture and Tips to Help Fix It

Bad posture is something that seems to be getting worse and worse as we spend an increasing amount of time sedentary and staring at screens. Millions of people are suffering back, neck, and shoulder pain, and this costs them and health insurers billions of dollars a year in treatment, all of which could be prevented with just a few lifestyle tweaks.

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Whether caused by working at a desk for prolonged periods every day, or a lifetime of bad habits, the aches and pains caused by bad posture can really start to take their toll. Injuries are hard to get over and with athletes who are out of their sport for a prolonged time, they can make you feel like you are losing your identity somewhat. 


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Poor posture can not only prevent people from doing the things they love; it can hold people back from achieving their goals in many different outdoor pursuits, like surfing, hiking, and fitness training. By making just a few lifestyle changes, however, people can free themselves from back, neck, and shoulder pain, correct their posture and find success in their outdoor activities and sports. Don’t let bad posture hold you back, and follow some of these tips to fix it for good. We also highly recommend seeing a health professional and having X-Rays and treatments to really understand what elements are coming together to give pain.


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Try Swimming to Strengthen Back Muscles

Many people who suffer from backaches and pain can feel trapped by their injuries – nothing seems to help. Arguably, keeping the joints moving and the supporting muscles around them strong, is one of the best ailments. This can be very difficult to achieve however, when you’re constantly in pain when you try and move!

Swimming is a great solution to helping maintain strength and mobility. In our experience when suffering from back pain, our chiropractors and other physicians often prescribe swimming as a key form of exercise. That’s because the water helps support your body, reducing any hard impact like running or other sports exhibits on your skeletal system. When swimming, you are giving all your muscles a good workout, while also raising your heart rate and kick-starting your cardiovascular system. Swimming is also great training for surfing and many other sports as it strengthens a huge range of supporting muscles that are needed to stabilize you in the water and on land.


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Take a Look at How you Sit At Your Desk

If you work at a desk or spend a long time sedentary, then your seating position and posture are incredibly important. It definitely pays to take a few minutes to take a look at it. Get a friend to snap a photo of your sitting position and analyse! In the workplace, many company’s HR or Operations teams will have tools to help you sit healthily at your desk – definitely use them!

Don’t let an old chair or a poor seating position cause long-term health problems. There are some excellent ergonomic seating solutions out there that can have a huge positive impact on supporting your back, helping give you the correct alignment. Not only could it make you more productive, but you might also require less time off work dealing with aches and pains. It is in your company’s interest, as well as yours! Failing a new chair, get yourself a cushion to support the small of your back and make sure your screen is at eye level so you are not always looking down and curving your next and thoracic spine. Also, pay attention to the placement of your mouse and try to limit the use of a laptop as much as possible.


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Get More Support While You Sleep

We spend about a third of our lives asleep if we manage to get eight hours of sleep a night. The alignment of your spine, especially your neck is incredibly important in setting you up for having excellent posture and a pain-free skeletal system.

Not only can a lack of back support while you sleep reduce the quantity and quality of your rest, but it can also cause aches and pains throughout the day that contribute to poor posture. Low-quality mattresses that are too soft and don’t support the spine re one of the main causes of poor-quality sleep and back problems. If you want to get yourself a top-quality mattress that can help you fix bad posture, there are always great sales in mattresses so make the most of any deals you can find as good quality mattresses are expensive but you should look at them as an investment. 

Your pillow is another item you should look at as an investment in your health. It is actually an item that astute Financial Advisors like The Barefoot Investor recommend you buy with your savings! We think that is sound advice!


Bad posture, and the aches and pains that come with it, can prevent people from doing the things they enjoy like fitness training, surfing, hiking, and more. Don’t let these niggles hold you back and try one or more of our tips combined with seeing a physician and working with them to really understand the root of your problems. Our tips in this article should never take place of your medical practitioners’ advice so always make sure you run any changes that you implement by them, to ensure they is the right thing for you and your treatment. Best of luck!


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