How to develop a can-do attitude towards health

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We all know the cornerstones of good health. A balanced and varied diet, plenty of physical activity, the right amount of sleep and enough water to keep us hydrated. Do this, and you’ll look your best, feel great and increase your longevity where you give yourself protection against all kinds of diseases. However, the human body is incredibly complex, and there’s a lot more to it than just that. Here are a few ways you can understand health better, and therefore look after yourself better.


Learn more about health

One way you can understand your body and health better is to learn more about the subject. The human body and the complex way it works is fascinating, and you’ll find that the more you learn, the more you want to know. Further education is fantastic for self-development and could be great for your mental health as well as learning more about physical health! You could learn about nutrition, disease prevention, psychology or if you’re having a baby and want to learn more about children’s health, something like an online dnp nnp program could suit. Either way, the more you know about the way the human body works, the better equipped you are to look after your health. For example, we all know vices like smoking are bad. But when you know exactly how these toxins affect the lungs and body and how likely you are to go on and develop cancer, chances are you’ll be far more likely to avoid it.


Start tracking your stats

Research has shown that most of us overestimate how much physical activity we do, and underestimate how much we eat. This can lead to weight gain and all of the associated illnesses that come along with it. Tracking your stats allows you to see everything in black and white, and make any adjustments to your lifestyle (if needed). Fitness trackers will detect how much exercise you’re doing at to what intensity. Based on this it can roughly work out how many calories you’re burning and what you need to take in. It can track your sleep, and can sync up to devices like smart scales to track your weight too. It can be a fantastic way to keep on top of your health, with no need to guess.


Think about your overall wellbeing

Studies have consistently shown that the mind and body are closely linked- and mental and physical health has an enormous effect on each other. For this reason, ‘health’ isn’t just about looking after your body but your mind too. To achieve a true sense of wellbeing, you need to work on happiness as well as the health of your body. Find productive ways to de-stress; a hot bath, a chat with a friend or exercise. Make relaxation a priority instead of seeing it as a luxury. Allow yourself a break when you need it to avoid burnout. Don’t overlook your mind when you’re on the quest for better health.

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