SunGod PaceBreakers sunglasses

As part of the SunGod family, I got sent a pair of PaceBreakers sunglasses the day that they were released. The team over at SunGod were super fired up on this design. Lightweight, adventure-proof and my favourite, the exceptional and I don’t use that word lightly, 4KO pace polarised lens. These sunglasses are pretty damn cool. AND they come with a lifetime warranty!


On first look though, I know what you are thinking: they’re for cyclists right? Yeah, they were designed for that. BUT as I’m not too into the lycra, I tested them out in the backcountry splitboarding. For me, it is important to protect my eyes from the reflection of the snow and these puppies offer just that. They also sit just that right distance from your forehead so they don’t steam up – something that drives me mad when I’m totally zonked out and exhausted on a skin track.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses


What I loved about the SunGod PaceBreakers


The lenses are exceptional

No joke. These lenses are so so good. Polarised and no squinting required, even in the mid day sun if reflecting from every angle on the snow. They were so good I made everyone compare them to their own sunglasses. There were a lot of ‘holy shits’ and other exclamations of utter amazement. Nice one SunGod. These lenses are truly exceptional. I could see every change of texture in the snow with really good contrast.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses
The difference the lens makes (right)


Hard to scratch lenses

I’m still banging on about the lenses but they really are that good. I have had my Classic2 sunglasses for over a year now and they have not got scratched. To be honest, I haven’t treated them that well either so this came as a surprise to me too. They have a triple layer of scratch resistance so you would have to really do some damage to scratch them.

Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses


Designed for performance

I mentioned it above but the SunGod PaceBreakers sunglasses sit just the right distance from your forehead, resting on the bridge of your nose. This means that your perspiration won’t steam up the inside of the glasses – something that happens all the time when I’m climbing or walking uphill slowly … I’m sure it happens with cyclists too. This was a huge benefit and is obviously something that they have designed specifically for. My other SunGod glasses that I use for splitboarding, The Classic2, sits closer so I have to occasionally take them off and wipe the inside of the lens. The PaceBreakers have that one totally figured out.


I could ski in them all day!

I also didn’t have to change from sunglasses to goggles when snowboarding. As they wrap around my face I had no problem at all with the wind making my eyes water. So I kept them on all day. If you are looking for a sunglass that you can also ski or snowboard in, these are a damn good bet!



The SunGod PaceBreakers only weighs 27g!


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses


Epic retro modern style

These SunGod PaceBreakers are pretty awesome looking. It’s like an old wrap-around sunglass from the 90s mixed with modern cool.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses
So rad your friends will want to borrow them!


Bendable frames for impact protection

Durable, high tensile and lightweight. You can sit on these frames, squash them, crush them and bend them and they will bounce back into shape. How many sunglasses have you gone through breaking the arms off or snapping the frame? This is a huge benefit of buying any SunGod sunglass. I love this about their product.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses


Fully customisable

Like all SunGod sunglasses, everything about the model is customisable, from the colour of the lenses to having polarised or not, to what colour the frame is and even, the metal SunGod logo. You can truly get a totally unique pair to reflect your personality or your outfit. It’s also super fun to play around with all the combinations.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses


The Price – $110 AUD for polarised!

All SunGod sunglasses come with a really reasonable price tag. The PaceBreakers come in at $110 AUD which is half the price of your other comparable brands.


Lifetime guarantee

SunGod back their product 100% offering a lifetime guarantee. This means they cover any breakage on the frames even if it is accidental. The sunglasses are built to last and they have faith in their longevity.



The only thing I didn’t like…

Was the rubber bits on the arms called ‘griplock ear socks’. Designed to become increasingly grippy with sweat, I get what these are supposed to do but they pulled my hair every time I put the glasses on or took them off. That was just annoying and a bit painful. You can remove them though so that’s cool.



Overall impression of SunGod PaceBreakers

So there you have it! SunGod has gone and done it again and produced another really sick sunglass. Despite this being designed for cycling, it went pretty damn good in the snow!


Check out the full SunGod range of Sunglasses on their website.

Read a review on the SunGod Classic2 sunglasses (my favs!).


Sungod Classic2 sunglass
I went for the polarised grey lens with the tortoiseshell frame with the SunGod Classic2


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