Aotearoa- The land of the long white cloud; one of the remotest island on earth, so quirky that they even have their own official sign language. It is an island nestled deep in the South Pacific, right by in the International date line. New Zealanders speak kind of funny but are likely to be some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. They love their sports, value their remoteness and have the most boats per person then any other nation. Here are 10 reasons to move to New Zealand and soak up all the random goodness their beautiful country offers.


 1. In NZ you can buy a house, pick it up and move it anywhere!

Move to New Zealand

A house on wheels that you can park pretty much anywhere



2. Every drive you take will be like you’re starring in a car advert

Move to New Zealand

A road trip to Mt. Cook



3. You can visit an island on a lake, on an island on a lake, on an island in the sea!

Move to New Zealand

Lake on Mao Wahu island on Lake Wanaka. Photo by



4. NZ has space, lots of it. They even have rocks that swear at you. You don’t have to live on top of other people.

Move to New Zealand

Stay away Australia



5. In NZ they actively encourage you to jump off stuff: mountains, bridges, their tallest building, out of planes… in fact there’s pretty much no action sport you can’t do on any given day.

Move to New Zealand

A perfectly good plane to jump out of



6. In NZ, Physio is practically free if you hurt yourself. Injuries are very likely with all the things to jump off.

Alexa Hohenberg with another snowboard injury

One of the best places to be injured in more ways then one



7. If you’re pumped to surf and there is no swell coming from the east, just drive a max of 3.5 hours and check the west coast. Or check the north or the south. NZ’s got it covered from all angles.

Move to New Zealand for amazing surf road trips

No surf here, we’ll check the other coast then.



8. You will live with birds that will try and eat your car, steal your luggage or sabotage your snowboard bindings while you get your lunch. Meet the Kea (no relation to the actual car, Kia!)

Move to New Zealand

Meet the Kea – the car eating bird of New Zealand



9. There is no shortage of inspiring people with entrepreneurial spirit, taking DIY to the next level. Kiwi ingenuity, it is quite remarkable!

Move to New Zealand

A caravan full of inventions on the South Island



10. The north is tropical and the south is rugged. There are volcanoes, mountains, lakes, hot pools, black beaches, white beaches, hobbits and wildlife only found in NZ. You can live in your car (or in a road-worthy house on wheels) and camp for free with ‘Freedom Camping’.

Apart from the West coast sandflies that will eat you alive, NZ is the perfect balance or nature, freedom and magic.


Camping in New Zealand

Freedom camping


New Zealand signs

Kiwis – Always cracking a funny


Funny signs in New Zealand

Funny signs in NZ



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