Five Snow Activities to Try with the Family That isn’t Skiing!

Skiing and snowboarding are expensive sports, especially with all the family. If you can get away this winter and want to keep it light on the pocket but also fun, here are 5 ideas for snow activities that are easy to do.


For many people, winter is their favourite time for the year. Maybe it’s that crisp, cold winter sun, or the opportunity to cozy up to the fire with a hot cup of cocoa. For snow lovers, of course, it means that soon you will be on the slopes to ski or snowboard. Winter is also the time to bond and there are countless snow activities you can enjoy outside of skiing with your family.  


Winter resorts aren’t just great places to visit for skiing and snowboarding. Places like Lake Mountain Alpine Resort or other options available in your area offer amazing snow activities for all the family. All you need is a bit of snow on the ground and the options are endless.  You may not even need to go far from your home if you are lucky enough to live in your own little winter wonderland. 


Sadly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some states or territories have put restrictions on what activities can be done in outdoor winter environments and some activities may not be allowed. Make sure you check the local rules and regulations before planning your snow activities with the family. 


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Here are a few snow activities that you can enjoy with the family.


#1 Have a Scavenger Hunt 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the snow with your family. There are so many snow activities that you can do outside your home, with items that you already have. A scavenger hunt is one such option.  

To set up a scavenger hunt with your family, hide different items outside, and leave clues written on paper, in the form of riddles. Depending on the number of people in your home, you can have members of your family play individually or as a team. You can hide clues under the snow, on ornaments, or in near and far-off places. How you play depends on the time you have and your desire to explore the snow-filled open areas at your location. Remember to keep the safety of your family members in mind while planning the activity and don’t go near open streams or waterways. The snow can easily conceal hazards. 

Aside from helping your family sweat during the winter weather, a scavenger hunt can also stimulate their minds, improve mental wellness, and encourage teamwork. Oh, and remember to dress up warm!



#2 Make Ice Sculptures 

There will be days when it snows so much that venturing too far outside your home will feel more of a chore than fun. Opt to stay in the front or backyard and make ice sculptures. This is a fun and simple activity that’ll keep you and your children busy and happy. Simply make a pile of snow and shape it into whatever you want: a snowman, a house, mini replicas of each other! Take ice cubes from the freezer or carrots or other brightly coloured items to make the sculpture more interesting. Making ice sculptures is a hands-on creative activity that will inspire teamwork in the family as well as deliver a real sense of pride in the finished work.



#3 Host A Snow Painting Contest  

This is a great additional activity to do once you have made a snow sculpture. You don’t even have to travel far from your home – all you need is snow on the ground and all the family can join in. You’ll be amazed by what you and the kids can do with a bit of food colouring. 

To host a snow painting contest, ask every member of your family to build a snowman or any other sculpture outside. Colour your snowmen with natural dyes or water-soluble paints that won’t damage the environment or dye the ground after the snow melts. Some ideas include fruit juices like orange, grape, or vegetable juice; coffee, beetroot, or natural food colouring. Colour your sculptures any way you want and have a fun competition where the best snow sculpture or painting wins a prize. So, make sure to have some prizes ready because painting the snow isn’t an easy task, especially when done with toddlers! Remember, you don’t have to be Vincent van Gogh to have fun with colour.



#4 Get creative with the camera

The snow makes for amazing photography. Get the family together and set up a few fun shots. Try throwing snow up into the air, blowing a small handful of snow towards the camera, having a snowball fight, making snow angels or posing next to snow-laden trees. Wear your most colourful, warm winter clothing to make these shots look even better. You will love these winter activity photos for years to come. 


Family walking in the snow
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#5 Go On A Winter Hike 

Going on hikes can be beneficial for your health. Hiking lowers stress levels, improves the mood, and enhances your mental wellbeing. Hiking can also lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body fat. Hiking with family can be a great bonding experience and of course, the company and jokes along the way make it even more fun and exciting. 

Invite your family members, relatives, or friends to go on a winter hike. If you’re doing it with your children, choose a route that’s safe, accessible and easy for them. You don’t want to wear them out or turn them off hiking for life by walking for hours and hours! 

Hiking lets you smell all the unique scents of the great outdoors. You enjoy unique scenery that you can’t see from the road or car and also feel the snow crunch under your feet. Plan rests at vantage points to take in the scenery and click some photos. If you want an extra challenge on your hike, collect items along the way. These can be twigs or leaves from trees. When you return from the trip, help your kids make a scrapbook with everything that you collected. These can serve as souvenirs so you can remember your first ever winter hike.  



Try Them All  

If time is not an issue, consider trying out all the above-mentioned snow activities with the family. Some of these may be exhausting, but you’ll create memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Taking time to enjoy and unwind in the snow will really cement your children’s respect for nature and help them value the time spent in the great outdoors. The benefits for all the family will surely be worth the effort!  


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