The Best Coastal Camping Locations For The Surfer At Heart

Surfing and camping go hand-in-hand. Dirtbag surfers have been living out of their cars or camping on beaches for decades. You don’t need to rough it though, now there are campsites and facilities set up for all levels of comfort right at the breaks. Here are some of the best options for coastal camping for surfers.


A variety of outdoor activities invite you to reunite with nature – hiking, cycling, mountaineering, rock and wall climbing, sailing, kayaking, skiing, skydiving, and many more. In short, outdoor activities inspire a deep connection and interaction with different forms of nature, be it land, water, or up in the air during aerial activities. Now think, how rad it would be if two of these outdoor activities, could be combined in one location?


Of course, anyone can just pass out on a beach and wake up the next day and go surfing. If you want to do it in varying levels of comfort options, there are many world-class spots that are famous for both the wave and camping grounds. Aside from getting ready with camping tips from, you should check out some of the best camping locations near coastal areas. Let’s take a look…


Jennifer Diamond Surfing
Jennifer Diamond, circ 1997. La Jolla, California



The Lost Coast, California

Being the largest wilderness of The Golden State, California, The Lost Coast offers an authentic, exciting adventure for both camping and surfing enthusiasts. Warning, The Lost Coast is a death-defying camping trail that offers access to its beaches only through exploring the steep and rugged landforms, and it’s absolutely not for the faint-hearted. This remote trail is estimated 25 miles long, without any built-up areas. Expect to be exposed to the true and virgin beauty of California.

As mentioned, The Long Coast provides two traveling options – on foot and/or by a motorised vehicle. The harsh terrain is genuinely worthwhile to hike as once you reach the beaches; it’s the perfect by-the-shore camping site. To make your camping more convenient, and since campgrounds are limited especially during peak seasons, you can opt for using a sturdy, off-road vehicle for car camping. Moreover, surfers at heart can enjoy the cool and calm waves of The Lost Coast, with complete isolation from everyone.

To make your camping more convenient, and since campgrounds are limited especially during peak seasons, you can opt for using a sturdy, off-road vehicle for car camping. May to October is the best season for visiting The Lost Coast for both a camp and surf trip. During this time of year, the climate is also comfortable with temperatures cool temperatures during the day and chilly at night with very little rain.



North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

Among various surf towns around Australia, North Stradbroke Island is probably the perfect paradise for surfers and campers. “North Straddie“, as called by locals, is composed of three towns with its own uniqueness – Point Lookout, Dunwich, and Amity Point.

If what you truly seek is surfing heaven, then it’s best to go to the Point Lookout. Usual summer days in Point Lookout create the best, fun waves. But, if you’re a beginner or want to introduce someone to surfing, you can also move to the Main Beach due to its calmer waves.

While surfing in Point Lookout, you can enjoy a variety of other activities around the town including camping, diving, cycling, golf, and trekking. Also, tourists love looking at the view of North Stradbroke itself, watching as whales, turtles, and dolphins appear between the waves.

Summer and winter are the most preferable time of the year to visit the island. Winters can be less crowded, where only the locals tend to visit this place. During winter, sharks may appear so don’t go surfing all by yourself and don’t go too far from the shore. In summer, the island is much busier but you’ll feel more alive during this time.


Sunset surf at Crescent Head
Crescent Head, one of Australia’s greatest waves



Crescent Head, New South Wales

To elevate your camping experience with more activities offered, Crescent Head in New South Wales, Australia is a beach located in the small town which is only a 5-hour drive from the busiest places in Australia such as Brisbane and Sydney. Crescent Head town is home to golf courses, a large caravan park, and holiday homes that offer a great tourist vibe. Moreover, the first view that you’ll witness is the Crescent Head Lookout that provides an encompassing view of the creek, town, and beach.

The main bay at Crescent Head is a feeding ground for surfers as long gentle waves peel off the right-hand pointbreak. You can rent a surfboard at the Crescent Head Surf Co or bring your own. The walkway by the headland is a great place to watch the surfing so bring your loved ones with you and put on a show with your own surfing skills or enjoy the skills of the locals. The land stretches before the shore offering a front-row seat for onlookers and passersby. The campsite sits right in front of the break so set up a tent for a more enticing experience.


Waves in Cornwall England
The waves of the UK



Ocean Pitch, Croyde

For a luxurious and premium camping experience with a less hefty price tag, visiting Ocean Pitch situated in Croyde, England is a good way to go. Local campsites on the Ocean Pitch, such as the Ocean Pitch Campsite (formerly known as Mitchum’s Beach Campsite) offer various facilities that will sweeten your overall camping experience. Aside from surfing and camping, visitors can also enjoy cycling and walking on the South West Coastal Path. There are some great pubs and restaurants in the area also.

 Aside from a good surf, other facilities and amenities offered by the campsite, at an affordable price, are:

  • Free access to WiFi internet
  • Reception convenience
  • Outdoor cold showers for rinsing wetsuits
  • Basic tent hire
  • BBQ bricks
  • Hot showers
  • Snacks shack
  • Outdoor washing up basins




Finding new locations for your adventures is tough and demanding, but the results could be endlessly rewarding if the location truly lives up to its descriptions. Camping and surfing are both fun outdoor activities to rewind from stress and fatigue, but you should always be ready when planning for a trip. After searching for the best coastal camping locations to camp and surf, then it’s time to get your surf packing checklist for your next surf trip. Remember your sunscreen!

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