Game on. You’ve just arrived in Peru and ahead of you is the not-so-fun task of finding a surfboard (or fun if you like trailing cities for toys). Perfect, uncrowded, left had point breaks await. You froth with anticipation. Step one: buying a surfboard Lima.


First stop – Klimax surfboards (both shops)

Lima is home to the Peruvian surfboard brand Klimax. They have two shops in Lima, one which is the main surfboard factory and the other, home to around 50-100 second hand surfboards (and new boards). If you’re after a second hand surfboard, head straight to their smaller shop at 486-488, Calle Jose Gonzales. Other secondhand surfboards also available at the Pukana Surf School on the beach at Playa Makaha. I didn’t find any other second hand surfboard shops in Lima (you could try buy, sell, swap websites maybe).

Klimax surfboards Peru
A selection of some of the second hand boards available at Klimax, Calle Jose Gonzales


If you’re after a brand spanking new surfboard or even a custom shape, then go to the Klimax Surfboards International shop at Calle Gral Mendiburu 519, Miraflores 15074. In addition to new boards they have a large range (about 40 or so boards when I was there), of discounted but new boards (from $240-$350 USD). These boards have slight defects like being off-colour or not exactly perfect factory specs. Well worth a look. Top value for money.

Klimax surfboards Peru
New boards at Klimax Calle Jose Gonzales



Other surfboard shops in Lima

There were a few (three) new Aloha surfboards in the Quiksilver shop and nothing at the O’neill shop (av. santa Cruz 851, Miraflores). High Tide Surf Shop (comes up as Mundaka on Goggle maps), is a bodyboard shop. Big Head Surf Shop at Av. Alfredo Benavides 1836 sold no surfboards and only a very small handful on Excel wetsuits but lots of surf brand clothing (Volcom etc).



Re-selling your surfboard, Lima

If you are thinking of re-selling your surfboarding in Lima or up north, you can do this at the Kilmax shop on Calle Jose Gonzales, or at the Pukana Surf School at Playa Makaha. The guys awesome guys at Klimax told me boards sell for a lot more up north so worth a try trying to shift it up there, or they would buy it back from me. I ended up buying a second hand JS, Bruce Irons Signature surfboard for $200 – Ironic that the Aussie surfer is buying an Aussie board at the top Peruvian shaper’s shop!

O'Neill wetsuit in Lima Peru
O’Neill is a good bet for a wetsuit in Lima



Buying a wetsuit in Lima

Buying a wetsuit in Lima I found much harder then buying a surfboard. Probably because I’m a girl and the numbers are against us. Lima has one shop dedicated to wetsuits, Boz Wetsuits at Av. Angamos Oeste 1130 Miraflores. This is probably a good place to start (I didn’t like the women’s suits), as well as the O’Neill shop.


Omar at the O’Neill shop was an ABSOLUTE LEGEND. I tried men’s, boy’s and women’s wetsuits on but sadly they didn’t have my size in the O’Neil Psycho 3 (my fav wetsuit and one I’d recommend if you’re wanting a top of the line wetty). After a good 45 mins in the shop and with Omar helping me into the suits, with no sale he gave me a Corona to chill out with and shared all his contacts at the surf spots I was planning on visiting. Full blown legend that guy – thanks Omar! The Quiksilver shop have a very small selection of wetsuits. Just one size in two styles of Roxy wetsuits sadly. I’m leaving Lima without a wetsuit which is worrying because the water at Lobitos is COLD.

Buying a wetsuit Lima
The women’s selection in only one size at Quiksilver – No Dice for me.



I hope this list of places to buy to a surfboard in Lima is helpful. In summary, Go to Klimax for surf boards and O’Neil or Boz for wetsuits.


Now go get some waves you frother!


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Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


  1. where did you end up getting your wetsuit? am heading into lima on friday and was hoping to pick one up before i head to huanchaco…yes the water will be so cold!

    • Hey Taylor, I sadly didn’t find a wetsuit in Lima. Non fit me. Go to the O’Neill shop and to BOZ for wetsuits. I hope you have some luck. I was able to rent a wetsuit at popular surf spots but they had so many holes in them, I was really cold in the water.
      My advice is that if you are traveling to Peru to surf, take your own wetsuit with you!

      • Hi Alexa,

        I’m going to lima the 1st week of april. I have a 2 mm wetsuit with short sleeves and a 4-3. Which should i bring?

        • Hey Eric, It’s the end of summer there now so the ocean will be at it’s warmest, getting warmer the more you go north towards Mancora. I think a 2mm will be good. Have a look if you can get any live obvervations of water temps there at the moment. Here are a few resources I found for Lima.
          Have fun!!!
          Average water temps Lima


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