Why travel the US by camper van

Why taking to the road in a camper van or RV is surely one of the best ways to see the USA.


Good ole USA. The open road, made famous by cult novels such as On The Road by Jack Kerouac, or Hunter S. Thompson’s classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which saw the Hollywood rendition turn a twisted Johnny Depp loose on the highway between LA and Las Vegas. The USA is not short of many an amazing drive and seeing the country by camper van or RV is surely one of the best ways to travel.


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The USA is currently made up of 58 National Parks. That number may change if the current President Trump continues to try and sell them off! The most famous, known as the marquis parks are Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. But there are many more, scattered across the states, all making a wonderful destination for any road trip in a campervan or RV. While it is advised to research the rules for ‘free camping’ at these locations (sleeping in your vehicle overnight), many also offer the option of paid designated areas for campers and RVs, with toilet and cooking facilities. You’ll be part of the new wave of Van-lifers – people living out of their custom vans and choosing to spend their money on experiences rather than things. 


What type of camper you chose will be up to your budget or your style. Renting a camper van in the US has never been easier, with a large selection available for any budget. You can get an RV that sleeps 6 people for around $350 a day! We traveled through Alaska in an RV during winter and were able to park on the side of the road and ski tour right from the base of the mountains. This was an experience we could only have had by renting an RV or campervan.


RV life in Big Lake Alaska in winter
What a trip! – we parked our RV on this big frozen lake. 


The amount of money that you will save on accommodation is also worth noting. Like living on a sailboat, traveling by van means your home comes with you. A fridge full of food, your favourite books, all your clothes…. No need to lug your luggage between locations or go through baggage checks at the airport. Not to mention, you will save on all those transfer fees between hotel and airport, that often get overlooked when budgeting. Traveling by campervan or RV is the best way to see a country. All that’s left to do is chose the playlist!


A good trick to try and save some money, as many people do not return the vehicles to the same location, is to ask the rental company if they do ‘relocations’. Sometimes, they can offer you a discount to bring a campervan back to a location. Worth asking! This is a popular thing to do in countries like Australia where the distances are long and interstate travel a popular attraction.


Aline Bock and Anne-flore Marxer VanLife
Aline Bock and Anne-flore Marxer living VanLife through Norway, making their film “A land shaped by women”.


There really is no better way to see a country that traveling in a campervan. The opportunities are endless. Just you, the open road, and good company! Just brush up on where you are going, get some good maps, music, and friends and you are all set! 


Header photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels.

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