Reasons why women travel to Gozo


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Gozo is a small island in Malta and one of the 21 Maltese archipelagos. It is slowly becoming a favorite vacation destination, especially for women. The beautiful blue waters, the artwork, and the locals should be enough to make you want to visit Gozo.


Women particularly prefer visiting Gozo due to its small island vibes. With only 37,000 inhabitants, it leaves a lot of room to roam about freely. If you like your privacy and your space,the beaches are nearly deserted so you do not have to worry constantly about who is at the beach with you. This adds to the allure of Gozo where you can roam about freely.


The green fields of Gozo
The green fields of Gozo


Gozo locals are friendly


The locals by their very nature are welcoming, speaking to anyone and everyone without a care for your race or religion. Their positive energy tends to transfer to you and this makes the trip more enjoyable; having more contact with the locals.





Safety is a top concern for everyone going while on vacation especially if it is a new environment where you know no one. Who will you trust to help you without having other ulterior motives like to steal from you or other worse acts, especially for women?


Women, unfortunately, are regarded to be more vulnerable than men making them easy targets. When planning your vacation, it would make little sense to choose a destination with high levels of crime as compared to a safe and tranquil place like Gozo.


Kayaking in Gozo in Malta
Kayaking in Gozo


Gozo is a much safer vacation destination than many others in Europe. The crime rate in Gozo is relatively low and the worst threats mostly heard of may be natural calamities but rarely do you hear of grave crimes being committed here.


Don’t get me wrong there are common threats such as petty crime in the form of pickpocketing and other types of theft, bar fights and road accidents. These are common crimes everywhere in the world and are regarded as petty crimes. Such things can be avoided by being alert, not being too flashy with your belongings as thieves are always on the lookout and keeping an eye on your belongings. If such is done then your belongings are bound to be safe unless by bad luck you end up being a victim of crime.


According to the most recent report on crime trends by Eurostat, petty crimes like pick-pocketing and handbag snatching are more common in tourist hotspots, therefore, reiterating my point, take care of your belongings.


Main Park, Victoria
Main Park, Victoria



The Scenery


Gozo is the perfect place to relax; a hideaway island with blue waters and a calm inland sea provide all the tranquillity you’re looking for on vacation. The island itself is very old and the urban areas like its capital city Victoria are urban cities. The buildings and structures in the city range from the medieval designs to traditional and modern designs.


If you’re looking for a more nature-friendly stay, there are still many resorts and farmhouses outside the urban areas for your pleasure. Additionally, the natural blue lagoon is a must-see site when in Gozo. Swimming there and in the caves are definitely things that you need to cross off your bucket list.


The towns and villages in Gozo provide the perfect background for your photos for memory’s sake. Who wouldn’t want to take a photo where the game of Thrones shot some episodes? Besides going by the digital saying “if you don’t snap it, it didn’t happen” join the craze and share the beauty with the world.


Gozo Sheep's cheese
Gozo Sheep’s cheese



Food and drink


Food and drink in Gozo have been influenced by a number of cultures because the island is situated on one of the oldest maritime trading routes between Europe and Asia, therefore, a lot of migration into Gozo took place. Organic produce and traditional recipes make the food and drink full of local flavor from rabbit and also amazing seafood to artisan bread and olive oil. Gozo also produces wine from small family vineyards so you can be assured of having the time of your life.



High Focus on family life


Gozo as one of the 21 archipelagos is most preferred due to the high focus on family life which is very evident with how they treat foreigners. Moving from Gozo to Malta is doable with the use of a ferry, therefore, you can stay in Gozo then go shop and also tour Malta if you really want to see Malta.


This is preferable especially to some women traveling abroad because it makes you feel safer knowing you are in a family setting surrounded by love and care.


Gozo spas and wellness centres
Gozo spas and wellness centres



Spas and wellness centers


The spas offer a wide range of treatment and therapies from across the world as well as saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms and indoor swimming pools. When in Gozo, you should visit one of the spas and enjoy a full body massage after moving about Gozo’s tourist attractions.


Local artisans in Gozo
Local artisans in Gozo



It’s a great shopping destination


Europe is well known for having a strong fashion industry. Most designers set up shops in on the islands knowing that tourists love a shopping trip! There is even a regular fashion show that usually happens on the island.


Local Gozian fashion has also been on the rise as locals take a more hands-on approach to the tailoring of clothes and making accessories. You can buy beautiful hand-made souvenirs all across the island with many local markets and stores to choose from.


As a woman looking for a vacation hot spot, Gozo should be one of your considerations because, in addition to being very safe, the activities and fashion in Gozo will blow your mind!


If Gozo sounds like a destination you would like to check out, head over to the Visit Gozo website and find out more about this beautiful island, the many attractions and events they have.


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