Summer has arrived and so have the crowds. If you have the means to do so, I recommend getting out of Sydney and exploring the surrounding coastline. There you will find less crowded waves, beautiful clear water and depending if you go south or north, reef break, point breaks and gorgeous sandy beach breaks.


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Surf road trip with Sarah O'Brien and Alexa Hohenberg
Surf road trips with friends are the best!



Here’s my top 5 surf spots outside of Sydney…


#1 Garie Beach, The Royal National Park

Garie Beach, Royal National Park
Fun times in Garie Beach’s surf and rockpools


The Royal National Park is just south of Sydney, past Cronulla. It is home to many awesome surf spots, the most accessible (as it has a carpark right next to it), is Garie Beach. It is a consistent beach break that works on most swell directions (North, South, SouthEast, East, NorthEast). Make sure you buy your National Parks pass on the way in to avoid a $200 fine.


Tip: Walk to the nearby Burning Palms beach or check out all the rock pools on Garie Beach.



#2 Palm Beach, Northern beaches

Palm beach surfers
Looking down on the northern end of Palm Beach from the lighthouse


Located on the northern most point of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Palm Beach is the well known location of Australia’s fine TV show export, Home & Away. This beach break has plenty of fun waves and can be good for beginners or longboarders. It works best on a SouthEast, East or NorthEast swell with a NorthWest, West or SouthWest wind.


Tip: Walk up to the lighthouse on the headland or after a good surf go to The Boathouse for brunch. Seriously good food there.



#3 Fraser Park, Central Coast

Fraser Park surf
That day I called in sick to surf Fraser with two other people out


Fraser is one of my favourite little beaches in between Sydney and Newcastle. Sharky but so so beautiful. Another beach break with a sandy and rock bottom, it is kind of a swell magnet, but it works best on a SouthEast swell with a NorthWest wind. Good on the mid and high tide.


Tip: Bring a friend incase you get taken by a shark!



#4 Seal Rocks, North Coast

Boomerang Beach Surf
Contemplating a tough paddle out at Boomerang Beach


So many awesome little surf spots around Seal Rocks. It is a 3.5 hour drive north of Sydney but well worth it. There are great places to camp like Elizabeth Beach caravan park or at Treachery campsite (the lady that owns it is a bit nutts and not in a good way!).  You’re going to find waves on pretty much any swell direction around here, you just need to go explore :-)


Tip: Take your food with you. There is one small grocery store at Boomerang Beach and it is expensive. When the surf is massive, you will be able to get a wave at Seals (but it will be crowded with everyone else having the same idea).



#5 The Farm, South Coast

The Farm surf
Chilling at The Farm after a good sunset surf


This awesome sand-bar beach has little rights and lefts running into the bay. Surrounded by two stunning headlands, it is a really beautiful place to surf and about 2 hours outside of Sydney. It works best on a South or SouthEast swell with a North, NorthWest, West or NorthEast wind.


Tip: There’s a popular campsite right next to the surf spot so it gets mega busy. Try going mid-week.


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