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Who is Still Stoked?

I'm Alexa - Adventure obsessed with a massive addiction to snow & surf!

32 countries and 3 passports later, I get to travel the world while working as a professional snowboarder, award-winning digital producer & qualified snowboard guide & avalanche professional.

Follow me as I share my adventures & tell the stories of other courageous women living their dreams.

I'm on a mission to inspire you to do the same. Let's do this!

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  • Stunning poem by Mirae Campbell and Ola Krol
  • Taking time out  Behind the amazing pictures of powder
  • Alaska definitely wasnt ideal for testing the new Alexa surf
  • Surfing in paradise  finally testing out The Alexa bikini
  • Northern lights shot the other night in Alaska Feels like
  • Pontoon  Not looking her finest but still looking fine
  • Them Northern Lights been dancing Magic or aliens in the
  • Snowboarding on my birthday in Alaska with a great crew
  • Sunny down days are a new thing here in Alaska

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