The Surf Poncho every surfer needs!

There are only a handful of items every surfer girl needs in her quiver and the surf poncho is definitely one of them! … pssst this article comes with a discount code for you!


This article has been a long-time coming as the designer of this beautiful poncho by Ánima Women’s Surf sent us a sample almost a year ago but then wanted to make the site and products even better for announcing their launch!


Anima surf poncho review


Compared with snowboarding or other actions sports, there are very few items a surfer girl needs to have a good day and perform: a trusted surfboard, a surf bikini or wetsuit, some damn good mineral surf zinc (we recommend Surf Mud or Surf Yogis – used code STILLSTOKED for 15% off), essential biodegradable zinc removing wipes, and a stylish absorbent surf poncho to get dressed under in the carpark! 


Now every surfer will know that we basically get naked in car parks on a regular basis. I’ve almost crashed my car countless times as my eyes stray to the hot guys getting out their wetsuits along Manly Beach in Australia where Still Stoked is based! A good surf poncho not only keeps you warm straight out of the surf, but it also hides your dignity as you awkwardly get in and out of your surf-specific swimwear.


Anima surf poncho review


Ánima Womens Surf is an eco-conscious, independent brand out of Spain (ran by a female surfer), inspired by the lush landscape of the Canary Islands. Their ponchos are made from Turkish Towel in Europe from 50% Bamboo and 50% Oeko-tex certified Cotton. WE LOVE THEM.. So much we persuaded them to offer all our readers 10% off any product on their website with code stillstoked10!


Anima surf poncho review Anima surf poncho review


The hood is a perfect size, they are super absorbent and, they look really good… so good in fact that we are quite well known on the Northern Beaches for spending probably a bit too long in the poncho…. from car park, to the cafe, to rock climbs and romantic dates… this poncho is a keeper for all the right reason.

So if you are looking to update your surfer girl quiver, take a look at these ponchos as I’m sure you will love them as much as we did!


anima surf poncho


We tested the Surf Coral Poncho available for 58 Euros. However, there are many more colours to choose from. International shipping is available. Use code stillstoked10 for 10% off.


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