Save Plastic, Drink from a Hydro Flask Metal Bottle with a Lifetime Guarantee

Hydro Flask bottles and cups with double walled insulation keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.


I don’t know why but I tend to drink more water if I really like the container I’m drinking from. The first thing that grabbed my attention about the Hydro Flask 32-oz vacuum sealed beverage bottle was the beautiful color. Mine is lilac.

Hydro Flask stainless steel water bottle in the new Lilac color
Hydro Flask new Lilac color



32oz wide-mouth bottle – $39.95 USD

I washed my new bottle, filled it with ice water and set off on a hike near my house. I was wondering if I should take a backpack or just carry the bottle. The cap has a really comfortable rubber strap which made it easier to hang onto, so I opted to carry it.

As I tossed the Hydro Flask bottle into the passenger seat of my car, I wondered if it might leak into the cloth upholstery. I was pleasantly surprised to find not a drop had spilled. The lid fits snuggly.

After walking for about an hour under a Hawaiian sun, I stopped in the shade to hydrate. I was surprised when a large ice cube hit me in the mouth. I had forgotten about the ice. It seemed like it hadn’t melted at all.

I noticed also that the wide mouth lid wasn’t too big to sip from like some other wide-mouth water bottles I’ve used. When I returned from my hike I forget about the bottle and left it in the car. Four hours later, I went back out to grab it. I was shocked to find the ice still had not fully melted even after sitting in my hot car all day!


The Cooler Cup – $24.95USD

Not only am I a bit finicky about my water containers but I’m adamant about having a specific coffee cup. I must have a mug with a lid for the simple reason that I can’t stand warm coffee. It has to be steaming hot! So I was skeptical when I poured my morning Joe into Hydro Flask’s new 12-oz cooler cup. The claim was that this double-walled cup would keep my beverage hotter longer.


Hydro Flask 12 OZ Cooler Cup


I set the coffee on the rail of my balcony and sat down with my journal like I do every morning. After a few minutes, I took a sip. Still hot but I remained skeptical. I am happy to report that the coffee remained hot for the entire thirty minutes it took me to finish it. I enjoyed drinking from the cup so much that I even filled it with white wine later in the evening to walk down to the beach and take in the sunset.


Hydro flask review


The cooler cup is unique because it has a removable outer ring so you can actually use it as a cooze for both bottles and cans. At first, I thought that was pretty silly because the moment I remove the ring I know I’m going to lose it! However, it can actually be stored snuggly on the bottom of the cup which gives it a non-slip grip. Ingenious!


12 oz Hydro Flask Cooler Cup
The Hydro Flask 12 OZ Cooler Cup can be used on its own or as insulation for both cans and bottles


Lifetime Guarantee

Yet another impressive feature of Hydro Flask is their lifetime guarantee on their bottles and cups. If your lid fails or there is damage to the insulation this amazing, Oregon-based company will replace it for free. In a world where it is so easy to throw it out and get a new one, Hydro Flask is fighting the landfill problem by creating a quality product and standing behind it.



On their website, you can actually customize your own product. Choose the size, shape and colors to make a bottle uniquely your own. I had fun playing with the tools when I came up with this one.


Hydro Flask Custom Water Bottles
Choose a custom color combo in any size or style.


With intelligent design, beautiful colors, a lifetime guarantee to prevent waste, and highly functional products that do what they claim to do, Hydro Flask has knocked this one out of the park.

Shop the full range of Hydro Flask products on their website. Watch out for new releases of colours like my Lilac bottle and watermelon Cooler Cup.


Thank you to Hydro Flask for gifting Still Stoked this product for review. As always, if it sucked, we would tell you. This one did not suck & we loved it! Check out other Still Stoked gear reviews and our full break down of surf sunscreens and surf bikinis. Check for any discount codes we currently have running for products we love.


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