Messy Weekend – Snow Goggle Review

Messy Weekend is a new Independent sunglass and snow goggle company out of Copenhagen – a city famous for its exceptional design and taste. These snow goggles definitely are INCREDIBLE value for money.


Messy Weekend similar to fellow Euro sunnies and goggle company SunGod, raised their capital through regular folk like you and me on Kickstarter. Their promise? Quality designer sunglasses at extremely affordable prices – Live like everyday is the weekend!

Started by a bunch of friends with a ‘strong opinion about fashion’, Messy Weekend are passionate about music, skateboarding, and snow sports and are supporting artists and up-and-coming skater in Denmark. Awesome. They also have an ethical conscious, donating to clean 2kg of plastic waste from the ocean for every pair of Messy Weekend products sold. Double awesome.


Now on to the Messy Weekend Google Review

We tested the Messy Weekend Float Goggle in Black – €115.00


This is the first goggle made by Messy Weekend and to be honest, which often means there will be a few teething issues they are yet to iron out – depending on how vigorous their testing was.


To be honest with you it’s a damn nice looking google but really sets it apart is just how good value this goggle really is. A stylish goggle, 2x lenses AND a hard case for €115.00. Well, that’s pretty incredible. In a sport where the majority of people are excluded due to the sheer cost of even kitting yourself out before you get to the mountains, Messy Weekend is doing an incredible job to deliver a solid product at a really affordable price.

I don’t think you could find a better goggle with a spare lens and hard case that would come anywhere near this in price.



So what else did we love?


Great fit around your face

Some goggles you have to wear really tight around your face to stop any gaps on your cheekbones. Despite us having a small face, the Messy Weekend Fload goggle fitted really well. Super comfortable and no gaps for snow to blow onto the inside of the lense. 

So for small faces, we can contest that these googles are a great fit.


Comfortable helmet integration

Another pet-peeve of snow goggles is when they have not been designed to fit the shape of a helmet (most shapes are universal so you shouldn’t need to buy a helmet / goggle compatible set up). Again, sometimes you have to tighten the strap of the goggles super tight around the helmet to prevent gaps around the sides of the eyes /  top of the cheekbones. I tested these with a Smith helmet and they fitted great.


Messy weekend snow goggles


Amazing peripheral vision

The peripheral vision of these goggles is excellent. You will see skiers of snowboarders creep up alongside you on the slopes no problem. 


Decent lens quality

The darker mirrored lenses offer you rose-tinted vision which is great for sunny days. The low-light lens is yellow which you can’t really go wrong with when the cloud or snow starts descending on you. I would have liked to read more on their website about how UV light each lens lets in as they don’t give any of this info. 

Sadly we did not test these lenses on a stormy day so we can not comment on if they fog up easily or not.

Note: Given snowy conditions, all goggles will eventually fog up. They have been designed with good ventilation holes in the top of the lense which allows for good airflow when riding. 


Messy weekend snow goggles


Stylish AF!

Messy Weekend’s Danish design skills are coming through here as the goggles do look really great. A testament we think, of having a borderless frame where the lens of the goggle comes all the way to the edge. It looks great and aids in that amazing peripheral vision. 


Hard goggle case included

Normally a case to store your goggles in as an additional purchase so having these included in the already competitive price of €115.00 is really awesome. This will keep your goggles form getting scratching in transit or bashed about in storage. 


Messy weekend snow goggles


Addition lense + cloth included

Being able to change your lenses when the sun comes out or when it gets overcast and the light goes flat is huge. When I say huge, I mean it can really be the difference in either burning your retinas or not being able to see anything! Personally, I always have a spare lens in my backpack (for weather changes or if one fogs up so much that I can’t see). So the fact that Messy Weekend do not up-sell you a spare lense but give it as part of the already super competitive price, is just excellent.


Excellent value

Overall, these goggles are excellent value. While the lenses are not of the visual high definition quality that you will get from Oakley or Smith, they are bloody good and are a fraction of the cost. They have all the comfort, bells and whistles that you want from a snow goggle and will not even put a dent in your bank account so you can put more cash towards your messy apres ski!


Messy weekend snow goggles


Lenses were a tad tricky to change over

The only feedback we have is that the lenses were a little tricky to change over. They have a little plastic lip around the frame that goes into a groove in the side of the lenses. Starting at the nose and trying to get the two to marry up around the lens took a bit of concentration, not something that I’d like to be doing on a cold chairlift BUT we once you got the hang of it, it was fine. Possibly once the plastic softens up with wear, it will become a little easier to get the two to line up. 


Oh and the warranty?

While they do not promote a warranty on defected products, they do offer a full refund or exchange within 30 days. Product to be returned in its original and intact packaging (box), unused. 


Overall, we would definitely recommend the Messy Weekend Float goggles to anyone looking for a great quality goggle that won’t break the bank. I don’t think you could find a better goggle with a spare lens and hard case that would come anywhere near this in price.


Buy Messy Weekend Float googles direct on the Messy Weekend website. They also stock a range of stylish sunglasses that look pretty sweet. Again, all super affordable.

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