How many times have you been caught short in the lineup?

Forgetting to put suncream on or feeling your face frying in the mid-day sun?

SunZee suncream in the surf


My surf sessions were often cut short in Central America this year. You could literally feel your face being cremated by the sun! I have this terrible habit of wiping my brow and nostrils after every duck-dive and the result is this awful pigmentation that makes me look like I have a mono-brow and moustache! It is definitely the result of sun damage that comes with being a surfer.


Testing the SunZee wearable sunscreen dispenser

The clever guys at SunZee have developed a wearable sunscreen dispenser and sent Still Stoked a sample. The product isn’t in full production yet but you can get your hands on one through their Kickstarter for $45. There are also other great packages available depending on your level of investment.

SunZee suncream in the surf

SunZee suncream in the surf


Breaking it down…

The wrist band a high-grade silicon and is non-intrusive, lightweight and comfortable to wear. The suncream sachets that slide into the wrist band are 40SPF, water-resistant, chemical free and paraben free. It smells like tutti-fruity!  The whole product comes with a two year warranty.


To dispense the suncream from the wrist band, all you have to do is push down on the band to squeeze the sachet of suncream. Then out comes a small amount, to touch up on the bits you’ve wiped off following duck-dive 100. While the wrist band could probably be a little smaller, it is non-intrusive and comfortable to wear. Re-applying suncream is so easy even a four year old could do it.

SunZee suncream in the surf


This product is also going to be incredibly useful for anyone who likes to ski or snowboard. Many of us don’t ride with a backpack in resort and having suncream in you pocket is not ideal. The wrist band offers a great solution for frequent reapplication. I’m a big splitboarder, spending hours climbing thousands of vertical feet to access high mountain terrain. Although I have a backpack on, my pit-stops are reserved for rest and water. The easily accessible suncream is a huge bonus for ski touring as not only are you sweating off your sun protection all day, you are getting hammered by the sun from all angles by the snow (my ears got so burnt once I couldn’t sleep on my side!). I will definitely be using this band spitboarding in Argentina this month as well as in the surf.


They made a really funny video explaining the product, check it out!


Grab yourself a SunZee suncream wrist band through their Kickstarter

SunZee suncream in the surf


Thanks SunZee, you’ve made a banging product.

Can’t wait to see other people wearing it in the surf, helping cut the risk of sun damage and help me reverse my surfer’s moustache!


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