SunGod Sierras Review – Surfer tested in the ocean

SunGod makes 4 styles of sunglasses that claim to be ‘adventure-proof’ as well as coming with a lifetime guarantee. Put to the test by a surf coach in Cornwall, UK. This SunGod Sierras review is focused towards ocean-loving folk, that need a lightweight sunglass that suits our rugged lifestyle.


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My job as a surf coach means I’m almost constantly squinting from the sun’s glare, ocean spray in eyes, pushing kids into knee-high peeling waves, or seeing stoked faces amidst the white-water. I have been surf coaching for nearly 10 years now. Wearing a cap and reef-safe, surf-specific sunscreen, even in the English sunshine, is vital. But that’s not going to keep away those imminent crow’s feet that will appear around my eyes with age. Wearing a great pair of sunglasses will help with that! 


closeup up of rose lens 4ko polarized sunglasses as sungod sierras review


SunGod Sierras – Are they good enough?

There’s always the worry of losing a pair of sunnies in the constant barrage of incoming of waves. The additional stress of smudges from seawater on the lenses, detracting from keeping both eyes locked the group or coaching. Or the fear of scratching the lenses from rolling around in the sand with kids in the lesson warm-up. Were these sunglasses going to be up to the job? I’m hoping this SunGod Sierras review will help you make your decision if you are reading this, doing your research, thinking of purchasing a pair. 


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Customising my pair of SunGod Sierras

I ordered my SunGod Sierras direct from their website and they were delivered within two days to the UK. After playing for a while with all the hundreds of different colour combinations and customisation options, I settled for this design combo: Matte Navy frames, 4KO® Polarized Rose and a Matte Black logo.


testing out the sungod sierras review adventureproof and polarized rose lesnes on the beach in cornwall


Why did I choose the polarised lenses?

Upgrading to the polarised lenses for just £25 more is excellent value. Polarised lenses provide superior glare protection, especially on the water. The additional filter on a polarised lens reduces the distortion on and the blurriness you get from light reflecting off the lens’ surface. As a surf coach and someone that spends so much time in and around the water, having polarised lenses is a no-brainer for me. I highly recommend you upgrade to polarised too!


SunGod Sierras – Put to the test in the elements

A haze of sea spray will tend to mute colours, but when I had the SunGods on, the colours stayed bright, strong, and impressive. In cloudy weather, these SunGod sunnies keep textures and definition on point. I wasn’t sure which coloured lens to go for, but in fact, I don’t know if I could have chosen better for the varying conditions with the 4KO® Polarized Rose lenses. On bright days, the sunlight bouncing viciously off the reflection of the undulating water can be blinding. But the anti-reflective inner lens coating they’ve whacked in this pair works an absolute dream.


testing the adventureproof sungod sierras review on the beach in north cornwall


Obviously, I needed to keep an eye on the entire group when in the sea. Even when we were splashing around and I was launching people into waves, my vision was clear and it was easy to recognise everyone in their bright blue rash vests. Water droplets rolled effortlessly off, hardly obscuring each lens. Usually, polarized specs take a bit of a hit on the old bank balance – I find it hard to see how they can justify selling these for a mere £70 of the Queen’s fine English pounds a pair AND give them a lifetime guarantee.


SunGod have definitely got their ergonomics on point, well-balanced with slick aesthetics.


Now to the frames. Sunnies that claim to bendy and squish often look cheap with tacky plastic frames. Not the Sierras. Their matte texture, instead, is classic and classy. They are super lightweight and comfy, and always felt secure. So never did my attention drift to focus on not letting the sunglasses drop into the depths, but the Adventureproof® frames allowed me to keep my full attention of my team of surfers. And because they don’t use metal screws for the hinge, there’s no chance these bad-boys are going to go rusty in the saltwater. SunGod has definitely got their ergonomics on point, well-balanced with slick aesthetics.


closeup of sunglasses for the sungod sierras review in north cornwall


How about their durability in ocean conditions?

Often you’ll find with a mirror-glaze on the lenses (especially when they are a pretty colour), that they are coated with something thin. Like they have been painted that colour to attract a shiny-thing-loving-thing like me! However, you’ll find they will never last more than a couple of days. Now I live my life half covered in sand. I know I’m not supposed to, but I’m always in a rush, so end up cleaning my sunnies on my T-shirt. The SunGod Sierras were in and out of the sea twice a day, dropped on the beach multiple times.

Little kids love the sleek, shiny lenses too: “Hey, do I look like surf instructor now?”, they asked as they were passed around the grubby mitts of eager groms, trying surfing for the first time. After a few scrubs on my old surf school tee, they can get smeary pretty easily. So it is always handy to have you little microfibre cloth in close reach. But overall, these little guys have done me proud, as the lenses still look brand spanking two weeks on. 


sungod sierras review closeup of the sunglasses with rose k4O polarized lenses


And the SunGod Sierras review verdict is….?

From the perspective of someone who spends half their days neoprene-clad and with wrinkled prune-fingers from the incessant sea-salt, these sunnies have come off way better than the sores under my arms and terrible poo-neck tan I have accumulated over the summer months. If you work outdoors or are in ever-varying light conditions, I hope this SunGod Sierras review has given you a good insight into how resilient these sunglasses are. Thumbs up from me!


Shop the SunGod Sierras – Polarised available for £70. Non-polarised cost £45. Worldwide shipping available.

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