SunGod Sierras Sunglass Review for Skiing, Snowboarding & other Snow Sports

As one of the biggest snow goggle buyers in Australia, I know a thing or two about what kind of eyewear works on the snow and this week I got to put the Sungod Sierras to the test! 


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What’s so great about SunGod sunglasses?

Sungod Sierras have a lot going for them and its not just the polarised lenses or the lightweight frame that makes them great. They feature 4KO optics and for people that care about their eyes, its a really good feature for a $135 set of sunnies! Imagine a built-in colour enhancer in every lens that boosts clarity and contrast in whatever condition you’re in! For an alternative to snow goggles, wearing sunglasses while skiing or snowboarding that has the same kind of lens technology really changes the game for people that prefer wearing sunglasses. Especially on a bright day!
Skier testing SunGod sunglasses

Do SunGod sunglasses work in the snow?

I don’t know why it took me so long to try them but I was impressed from the moment I got on snow. As a skier I always (ALWAYS) wear goggles and since the weather is warm out in the backcountry, sunglasses are the only option. The Sierras gave me plenty of sun and wind protection while still giving me plenty of clarity in bright light and on snow. 
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Should you buy polarised lenses?

I’m not going to tell you what you should do, but you should wear sunglasses. That’s it. Polarisation definitely has some benefits in certain environments, not all of them, but it can help. For snow, its not a make or break thing that you must have and with the majority of snow goggles being sold without polarisation, it’s not essential, especially due to the high price tag. 

SunGod sierra sunglass review


Are SunGod sunglasses they good value for money?

Sungod sunglasses are great value for money. With that last point I made about the high price tag of polarisation; finding a comfortable, practical and fashionable pair of sunglasses with a polarised lens can be hard. The Sierras really hit the nail on the head. Sungod are able to squeeze it all into a 2mm polycarbonate lens that keeps weight down and also the cost!
SunGod have 4 different sunglasses in their range, all of them are fully cusomisable and all come with a lifetime warranty.
Check out the SunGod website for all the options.
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