Surf Yogis Review – One of the best Sunscreen for surfers

Surf Yogis is surf’s staple sunscreen, available in two variations: tropical and cold climate formula. It’s a natural alternative sunscreen using zinc. Made in Bali since 2007 by surfers driven to make a natural, plastic-free product that did no harm to humans, animals or reefs.
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A beat-up tub of well-traveled Surf Yogis is not an uncommon sight in the back of any car or surfer’s board bag. Instantly recognizable by the quality deep round tin, but so well-loved its label has long left the party, Surf Yogis is arguably as essential as a surf’s fin key or block of wax.


The original formula of Surf Yogis was made and tested in the humid and tropical waters of Bali. It is a moisturizing paste for your face rather than a lotion for your body. Made from all the same natural ingredients you would find in a Bali health store, mixed with mineral zinc that forms a layer which blocks the sun’s harmful rays rather than absorbs them like a chemical sunscreen does. By using a mineral sunscreen you are avoiding the dangers associated with chemical nasties for both you and the reefs, that accompany many absorber sunscreens.


Surf Yogis sunscreen for surfers


 Surf Yogis is made with only 7 natural ingredients:

  • Coconut oil
  • Castor oil
  • Beeswax
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Cocoa powder
  • Coffee extract
  • Vanilla bean


Surf Yogis sunscreen for surfers


Surf Yogis remains visible as a layer on the skin. Both the Surf Yogis regular and cold climate formula has a light purple-ish colour that is a direct result of the 7 natural ingredients listed above. While still in the tin, it remains a thick paste that at cooler temperatures outside of Bali’s tropics, can be difficult to soften with just the action and warmth of your fingers (a problem they solved by recently releasing their cooler climate formula). Once softened by your fingers, the paste easily spreads over your skin.


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Girl putting on sun cream zinc in snow



Why is Surf Yogis one of the best sunscreens for surfers?

Unlike some other mineral sunscreen pastes, Surf Yogis won’t melt off your face when perspiring or after a long surf session. If you are heading to surf in the tropics like Bali, there is no better product. It also doesn’t come off on your swimwear or t-shirt staining them for eternity. Another benefit of the thicker consistency of Surf Yogis is it won’t leak if you don’t put the lid on properly. I know both these last points are a complaint of similar surf paste products.

A tin of Surf Yogis will last years. YEARS. No joke! This is why you see so many beat up tins in the hands of salty sea dogs, sailors, and traveling surfers worldwide. For the $24.95 price tag for a 60g tin, is incredible value, lasts a short lifetime, and works to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun that get amplified and reflected by the water. There is no chance the sun is getting through a layer of Surf Yogis on your face.


Surf Yogis sunscreen for surfers


One common complaint about Surf Yogis is how hard it can be to get on and off. The Cold Climate Formula should be your go-to choice for anyone surfing tropical climates or suffering from being an inpatient human. It definitely softens in your fingers quicker and spreads easily than the regular formula.


We would recommend accompanying it with a product like Tapa Reef biodegradable zinc removing wipes, as it can stay on your face long after your surf or ski session


 The things we love about Surf Yogis

  • It offers incredible sun protection for long surf sessions, still viable on your face after unlike many other sunscreens for surfers
  • All Surf Yogis products are plastic-free
  • It is reef-safe
  • It is not tested on animals
  • The ingredients are all-natural, so chemical nasties like oxybenzone or oxycinate will leak into your skin
  • The paste is moisturising on your skin
  • It smells absolutely delicious, like a chocolate treat
  • A small tub of 60g will last you several years
  • The tins are iconic and can be re-used again and again
  • The cold climate formula version is easier to apply and a favourite in a cooler climate like Sydney, Australia. We also use it when in the snow when snowboarding or mountaineering
  • It is great value for money, at $24.95 for a 60g tin


Being that it contains Beeswax, Surf Yogis is not suitable for vegans that do not use bee products.


Girl waxing surfboard in the snow


At Still Stoked, we have been using Surf Yogis for around 5 years. Our small tub of the tropical solution has lasted about the same time! It is one of the best surf screens for surfers and is a must-have we recommend adding to your surf-packing list. For us, using a product like Surf Yogis that is all-natural, works better than any other surf sunscreen on the market, and can last for several years, is really a no-brainer.


Surf Yogis sunscreen for surfers


Surf Yogis also recently released a blended natural coconut body oil that comes in another plastic-free and beautiful tin. This moisturing oil contains a little cinnamon oil, clove oil, tea tree oil and lemongrass oil which is reminiscent of magical afternoons in Bali, your skin supple, sunkissed and loved after a long surf session and Bali massage. Both the Surf Yogis sunscreen and the body oil would make the perfect gift for any conscious surfer that appreciates quality, natural products made by surfers, like them.


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