BigWave Drops offer Immediate and long term relief from ear pain.

We review ear drops specifically for surfer’s ear. BigWave Drops can be used to treat loss of hearing, bone growth, impaired balance, and ear pain… and it worked. Really well!

Use code STILLSTOKED for 10% off at checkout. Regular price for a 2oz bottle of BigWave Drops (about a 3 month supply) is $39.99 USD.

Melanie Williams using Big Wave Ear Drops for Ear Pain and Surfers Ear
The fasted and most effective ear pain relief I (Melanie) have found!

Surfer’s Ear is known to doctors as Exostosis. Exostosis happens when bone growth in the ear canal starts to block the eardrum. Basically, the ear is trying to protect itself from the cold water and air. Many surfers undergo surgery to control the growth, but the surgery is really just a temporary solution. Frequently bone growth returns with a vengeance after the operation. This narrowing of the ear canal traps water and earwax in the canal, often resulting in painful ear infections and hearing loss.

Bianca Valenti is one of the hardest changing big wave surfers in the world, in some of the coldest water. A regular in the line up at Mavericks, the frigid water temps, inescapable ocean pollution, and icy winds caused Bianca to suffer loss of hearing, impaired balance and severe ear pain. Many surfers, from both cold and warm climates, can relate to this painful condition known as Surfer’s Ear.

Dr. J

Enter Doctor Joseph Hardeman A.U.D., better known in big wave line-ups as simply “Jomo”. Jomo and Bianca struck a friendship while in college that has continued in San Francisco, CA and in big wave arenas around the world. When Bianca began experiencing severe Surfer’s Ear, Dr. Jomo used his doctoral research and sprung into action.

The result of Dr. Hardeman’s work, along with top researchers at world-renowned UCSD and UCSF has resulted in a long overdue solution to Surfer’s Ear: BigWave Drops.


Dr. Joseph Hardeman, Au.D. and co-founder of Big Wave Drops, Bianca Valenti
Dr. Joseph Hardeman, Au.D. and co-founder of BigWave Drops, Bianca Valenti


My Experience

Due to repeated and prolonged exposure to ocean water, I have suffered from surfer’s ear … pain ranging from mild to severe for almost three years. Sometimes I get flair ups so bad that the pain turns into a migraine. Once, I even lost balance to the point that I could not walk for three days without dizziness. I’ve taken several rounds of antibiotics prescribed by doctors for the pain. I’ve used a variety of home remedies and OTC products. I even resorted to using a vibrator on the back side of my ear (which did actually help a little, by the way!). But nothing really brought me full relief.

When I saw a silly little Instagram post from big wave female chargers Bianca Valenti and Keala Kennelly about some ear drops they were using, I immediately purchased a bottle to give them a try.

I placed the unassuming formula into my ear and waited. There was no fizzing, nothing seemed to happen. Except that 15 seconds later when I tipped my ear to the side to let the solution come back out there was instant pain relief!

How it Works

Being instantly hooked, I went straight to Dr. Jomo himself to see just what was up with what seemed to be a miracle in a bottle, specifically for surfer’s ear. How can this liquid do what peroxide, alcohol, garlic, antibiotics, Swimmer’s ear drops, and vibrators could not?

Dr. Jomo explained:

Chronic inflammation changes the way genes are expressed in the ear. This epigenetic change leads to undifferentiated growth of the bones that make up our ear canal. BigWave drops actually target the mechanism that creates surfer’s ear.


Active Ingredients

Basically, the BigWave Drops uses a natural anti-inflammatory found in turmeric to reduce inflammation which is the cause of bone growth. The specific formula uses turmeric extract that has been bioactivated creating high bioavailability, along with ethanol alcohol and acetic acid.

The roof of the ear is the floor of the brain“,  Dr. J told me. “Constant inflammation so close to your brain creates a chronic pain that many surfers have learned to just live with. The relief you felt is shared by many of our users.




Big Wave Drops
BigWave Drops come in a 2 oz Bottle with an applicator. This is about a 2 month supply for 39.99 USD


While most other-the-counter solutions leave the ears dried out, BigWaves Drops not only clean the ear but also leave it soothed due to its anti-inflammatory effects.


It’s all about balance

Improved balance is also a desirable side effect of BigWave Drops. Dr. Hardman explained to me that the inner ear actually has 10 different organs of balance between the two ears:

Our ears also help us maintain balance through the sounds which we hear. Part of how we know where we are in the world and how we’re moving comes from being able to hear. If your hearing is impacted by clogged ears you will be less stable.


The icing on the cake is that this product is 100% organic and locally created by amazing big wave surfers who care deeply about controlling our footprint and sustainability. Also, they hope to soon implement a bottle refill program.

I’ve been using the drops for over a month and each time I get that achy feeling coming back they continue to bring instant relief. And Bianca, who was nearly on the surgeon’s table and suffering severe hearing loss, is now pain-free, has better balance than ever and is, of course, charging some of the biggest monster waves ever ridden by humans.


Big Wave Drops Joseph Hardeman, Au.D.
Happy ears, happy surfers!


Discount Please!

If you experience surfers ear, swimmers ear or ear pain, head on over to and use Discount code STILLSTOKED for 10 % off at checkout. Regular price for a 2 oz bottle (about a 3 month supply) is $39.99 USD.

Drop us a comment below and let us know how they worked for you!

I am a writer and wanna-be big wave surfer. Surfing is my muse. I write about it and how it’s teaching me to live better. I hold certification as a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and lifeguard instructor. My story “100 Days in Mexico” of how a solo road trip surfing my way through Mexico changed my life can be found here



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