SURFMUD surf sunscreen review

Tinted SURFMUD. A natural zinc-based mineral sunscreen designed specifically for surfers. Free of nasty chemicals and reef-safe. What more to love!


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As surfers, you need to wear a sunscreen that is going to stay on in the water. This is especially important when in hot, tropical climates where you will sweat off the sunscreen quicker than you can put it on. Having tried and reviewed many mineral-based surf sunscreens, the best listed in this detailed article that we encourage you to read, Surfmud was one of the standout performers. Here’s why we recommend it.


Surf Mud mineral sunscreen


The packaging:
Surfmud is packaged in a compact, waterproof, 45g metal tin which is easy to carry and slip into your fin bag or beach bag. It can also fit into your boardshort’s pocket and taken into the surf with you to reapply.

We love that there is no plastic packaging and that when you’re finished, you can use the tin for other stuff (like rings, homemade lip balms etc).


The consistency of the Surfmud:
The surf sunscreen itself, it’s quite thick meaning you only need a 10c piece of zinc to smooth around your face. Due to its consistency, ingredients, and thickness, it means that it was durable for the entire day with two surfs in! The trade-off for its longevity over the day is that after applied, it is hard to remove. I carried Tapa Reef natural zinc-removing wipes to remove the zinc and make sure all my pores were clean, to help prevent spots.


It does NOT wash into your eyes:
A result of the above consistency but worth noting that Surfmud will not wash into your eyes. This is one of my pet-peeves of any sunscreen on my face when surfing.


Surf mud surf natural zinc suncreeen


The skin-tone colour of the zinc:
These guys have nailed the skin colour. It is more akin to the ideal tone of women’s foundation makeup, that a sunscreen! In fact, that is the story behind the product. Jason the owner used to use this Elizabeth Arden makeup on his face during long surfs in the tropics. When they discontinued that product, he decided to make his own and Surfmud was born. Some women actually wear it as make up!


Reef-safe ingredients:
In 2018, two countries, The Republic of Palau, a South Pacific island nation and Hawaii (Ok Hawaii is not a country but you get our drift), banned sunscreen products containing environmentally harmful ingredients Oxybenzone due to its ability to cause “gross morphological deformities, DNA damage and endocrine disruption, which causes the coral to close up and die”. 
Surfmud does not contain any of these ingredients.


Surf Mud - The best sunscreen for surfing


The all-natural, NON-NANO ingredients:
I highly encourage you to read up on the dangers of oxybenzone and octinoxate, two chemical sunscreen ingredients associated with photoallergic reactions. They are in most sunscreens and even in your moisturisers and makeup with an SPF. Nanoparticles can be absorbed into your cells causing all kinds of health dangers. Surfmud contains NO Nanoparticles and is made from visible, non-nano sized zinc oxide.

Surfmud contains 30% Zinc Oxide. Zinc oxide is nonirritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic. They add: Coco Caprylate/ Caprate, organic beeswax, natural lanolin, Australia clay and iron oxides for natural colour.



The price and how long it will last you:
Surfmud costs a mere $20 for the 45G tin which will last you a really long time!


Their passion for surfing:
When we initially contacted Surfmud, wanting to review their product, the owner Jason gave me call and we chatted about everything from our shared love of surfing the to terrifying ingredients in chemical sunscreen. After I wrote my detailed article on the dangers of chemical sunscreens and recommended surf sunscreen products, we chatted again. I learned so much during these conversations. These guys are making this product for all the right reasons. For surfers, by surfers. So much passion and love has gone into this product.


We make products that work, and we do it naturally. Made for active, aquatic lifestyles, Surfmud is a mineral-based physical barrier that covers and protects the skin from the external environment. Made for long surf sessions in tropical conditions, Surfmud has you covered.One of my all time favourite features about the product is its eco-friendly commitment. Surf mud is 100% natural made out of bees wax, natural lanolin and coconut oil. The colour also matches my skin tone making it easy to slap on all over my face and go!


Overall, Surfmud is one of the best surf sunscreen product on the market. We highly recommend this for any surfer. It really is a great product that protects your skin, the environment, and supports all day fun in the sun!


In late 2018/ early 2019, they just released a zinc-based sun lotion. We are yet to review this but are very much looking forward to trying it out.

Shop all Surfmud products on their website, or check out their list of stockists.They ship internationally for a small fee.


  1. Great product, but… not the best for the warmer climates… bought 3 tins for our Mentawais trip last October. Didn’t fare too well in the heat. Melted right off and was a bit of a mess. Also, the tins would be better with a “screw” on lid, vs pressure lid, just a bit more secure for travel…

    Great sunscreen for California!

    • Aww good to note that thank you! I have only tested it in Australia but I know the owners made it especially for their Indo trips in tropical climates, so that it wouldn’t melt off. It’s possible you could have got a batch with a higher concentration of coconut oil in or something. Using only natural ingredients pose new kinds of issues in consistency I imagine but way better than chemicals!


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