Snowboard Training: Stay Strong, Ride Longer.


Strong snowboarding and surfing requires both a strong body and a strong mind. Long gone are the days where professional snowboarders spent more time in the bar then in the gym. To be an athlete on the top of your game you have to put in some hard yards with regards to your fitness, strengthening not only your legs but all of the supporting muscles that you can drawn on for both power and balance. Snowboard training is a good idea before your season starts or before a holiday.


Fitness specialist Gavin Peacock takes snowboarder Trevor Niblett through a solid snowboard training routine exercising all the key muscle groups he needs to snowboard. These exercises are also really good for surfing as they work on many of the same fitness principles (stability, core strength, explosive power). Though unlikely everyone can relate to all the stationary backflips he does at the beginning of the video, this fitness routine should give you some good ideas on mixing up your surf and snowboard training and work outs.  If not, Trevor is good eye candy and that’s never a bad thing!


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