Glide Soul Bikini Review

Colourful neoprene bikinis designed for active girls in the water

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Glide Soul make neoprene swimwear and wetsuits in fun, lively, vibrant colours and patterns. They want to liberate you from putting the same wetsuit on every day and give you choices as endlessly vibrant and exciting as you are.


I have always been skeptical about neoprene swimwear, preferring to keep this rubber-like fabric for my wetsuits. About four years ago, mainstream surf brands begun experimenting with neoprene bikinis, all of which I found too structured. Glide Soul were to be the first neoprene swimwear I was ever to wear, let alone surf in.


Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked



I tested the 0.5mm neoprene bikini top (60 Euros) and 0.5mm bikini bottoms (45 Euros)

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Why I chose this style?

Apart from the two items named ‘short top front zipper’, the ‘bikini top’ (Glide Soul really do need better names to differentiate their products!), offered the most coverage and boob-stability for surfing!

Glide Soul make various styles of top and bottom, offering differing coverage. You can really mix and match. If I wasn’t testing bikinis, I would also be VERY interested in their one-pieces and vests. They look solid.

Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked


What I loved


The warmth of the neoprene

While I was not surprised that neoprene is warm, I did enjoy the extra warmth it offered when worn as a bikini. The ‘bikini top’ has a racer-back, which kept the wind from chilling my back. Worn under a t-shirt or a 1mm surf suit, it really made the difference and allowed me to surf longer without stepping up to a spring wetsuit.


The cut of the top

The cut is very flattering especially if you have a large chest. Surprisingly I didn’t fall out of the top while surfing. The neoprene and the great way that it is cut, provided so much support.


Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked


The comfort and support

Thick shoulder straps, racer back, and thick rib band ensured a high level of comfort. It is cut and strategically placed seams support you where needed. The bottoms were a perfect fit with moderate coverage. They didn’t roll down once while surfing.


The colour options

Glide Soul offer many vibrant colour options. It was really hard to choose which one I liked most! Having a paneled design like a neoprene bikini makes mix and matching prints and colours really fun – something that Glide Soul have capitalised on through this mix-and-match functionality on their website.


Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked


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What they could do better


I could not think of any element to improve with the Glide Soul ‘bikini top’ without morphing it into a new style. This is the first time I’ve ever tested a bikini and have found nothing to improve on (apart from more specific style names online!).

Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked



Ideas that could develop this bikini style further


Mesh fabric strip on the racer back

When the neoprene bikini was worn out of the water it was really hot (obviously!). Adding a strip of mesh fabric on the racer back to encourage air flow, would enable an easier and more comfortable transition from water to beach.


Adding a very small zip to the top third of the cleavage

While I did not fall out of this top while surfing, I was nervous to take it into the larger surf. I thought about closing the cleavage area by sewing it higher to provide added security. The same could be achieved with an inch long zip that would still keep the V-neck cut which is preferable to a high neck. The zip in this position is not likely to cause damage to a surfboard when surfing either.

Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked
The danger of too much boob. A zip would be the perfect addition.


Overall impression of this Glide Soul bikini


Owning a neoprene bikini has never been on my radar but after testing one in windy and cold(ish) Peruvian conditions, I would definitely recommend every surfer girl having one in their bikini arsenal. For a day when it’s a touch chilly but not cold enough to bring the wetsuit back out, it’s a perfect choice. Heading back to Australia now for spring, I know my Glide Soul bikini will be getting plenty of wear.


Glide Soul offer a 12 month warranty on all stitching, materials and construction. There is also a 12 month warranty on taped seams.


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