Designing the ultimate active bikini

Because so many surf bikinis don’t stay put!

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Large bust small frame bodytypes need the exact opposite of what mainstream bikini brands currently offer. With standard active bikinis, choosing a bigger bust size often means the ribcage band is too wide. It will then ride up over your ribs if you have a skinny rib cage. So I designed Get 10% off your first order! without a cup size, with multi, cross back straps that are all adjustable. You can get it as tight as you need it, where you need it. The no cup size means the design is actually perfect for all body shapes!


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The ALEXA surf bikini designed for large bust small frame, with fully adjustable straps


Many readers of Still Stoked discovered the website after stumbling across our reviews of tried, tested, and recommended surf bikinis. Knowing what works is the result of over 20 in-depth write-ups on bikinis from Roxy Pop Surf to Rip Curl Mirage; to the cool independent brands in-between. I learned not just what works for MY body shape (large bust small frame), but for an active bikini in general as opposed to what Billabong want to sell you and subsequently got a red-hot scolding for.


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As one of the lucky athletes on theGet 10% off your first order! team, the office were sending me these gorgeous active bikini styles each season. Sadly, I would have to send them back. They didn’t fit, no matter how much I wanted them to. Then one day Sensi asked me to design my own bikini so she could confidently add a style to the range that was not only big-wave-bombproof but could cater to active women like myself, who the entire mainstream surf industry has been ignoring… someone with an conconventional body shape – A large bust small frame, that needed it tight in specific places.


With the ALEXA bikini, I can’t wait to see girls in the line up across the world ripping in a bikini they feel confident and comfortable in.


Get 10% off your first order! I’m incredibly happy with how the bikini turned out



Designing an active bikini for big boobs small frame


Get 10% off your first order! The early initial drawings for the ALEXA Surf Bikini



Why so good for a large bust small frame bodytype?


The ALEXA active bikini fits all body shapes (due to not cup size design), but is it especially fitting for a large bust small frame bodytype.


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Shoulder and rib straps are all adjustable


The main thing that I have designed for is having it as tight around your ribs or shoulders as you need it to be. That was always the issue with other active bikinis on the market. The cup of a size Large would fit but then I’d raise my arms up and the band around my ribs would rise up and my boobs would fall out the bottom of it! With this bikini, you can have it as tight as you need it. This works for girls with a wider rib cage also.


Get 10% off your first order! Inch thick, fully-adjustable adjustable straps.


Inch-wide underbust, shoulder & crossback straps


We made a concerted effort to distribute the heavy load of big boobs on the shoulders, by introducing thick strap.


I once tested out a bikini that quickly became one of my favourites. It was completely let down by the strap design in both comfort and durability. With just one single line of stitching, the straps would cut into me and leave marks that looked like I had been whipped. They fell apart as that one stitch broke with the first tight tie of a bow across my ribs.


With the Get 10% off your first order!, we made a concerted effort to distribute the load on the shoulders, across a thick strap. The straps are incredibly comfortable across your shoulders as well as your ribs. The inch thick underbust band does the same, helps disperse the pressure from having the straps tights. The bikini gave me so much support, I wore the top to circuit training and throughout my one month yoga teacher training course… Trust me, that’s saying something, I have size F boobs!


Get 10% off your first order! Forearm stands and handstands were no problem for this bikini either.


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Thick, doubled-up quality lycra with SPF 50 rating


I hate padding in bikinis. It’s great for the support but it’s such an unnecessary addition, especially if the support issue can be solved by design tweaks elsewhere. Using a thick quality lycra proved to provide enough support when your boobs bounced. So much more comfortable and flattering than having foam padding stuffed down your top.


Triple-back, cross-back design


While testing out bikinis on Still Stoked, it became obvious that the three best styles for surfing were either cross back (to provide additional support across the chest), crop top style, or bikinis with shoulder straps as opposed to a halter neck. The challenge that girls with big boobs face, is they need that support to be wider dispersed than girls with smaller boobs. This is why we did a triple cross back. It offers the best type of support while reducing the need for the shoulder straps to ‘pull’ your boobs up, which can be very painful.


Get 10% off your first order! Solid. Crop top style bikini.


Crop-top style


I basicall thought of how rad Sporty Spice looked in crop tops in the 90s!


Simple. Functional. Fuss-free. I thought of how my sports bras fit when I designed the Alexa surf bikini. I also thought of how rad Sporty Spice looked in crop tops in the 90s! I received the final version of The Alexa bikini while I was in Japan on a 3-month snowboard guiding contract. Far from surf sessions in the warmth, I tested it in the gym, at yoga, in the pool and just wearing it under my clothes as a sports bra. It passed all the tests. Sensi Graves herself said it is bomb-proof. I couldn’t agree more.  I did my whole yoga teacher training in this bikini, upside down and all!


Going back-and-forth on samples until happy with how it was sitting


Get 10% off your first order! Making adjustments to samples and sending them back to Sensi Graves


Overall, the whole process of designing a surf bikini for girls with large bust small frame for Sensi Graves Bikinis has been an incredible experience. I’m really proud of how the ALEXA surf bikini top has turned out and am really enjoying wearing it for all my yoga classes, surfs and general beach hangs. It’s solid.


Get 10% off your first order! Stunning in and out of the water.


Shop Get 10% off your first order! – $54

Use code STILLSTOKED for 10% off 


If there are any additions you would like to see in the ALEXA surf bikini for next season, I’d love to hear from you. If you have a large bust small frame, I would love to hear from you! Please let me know how you get on with it.


I can’t wait to see girls out in the line up across the world ripping in a bikini they feel confident and comfortable in.


Much love, Alexa x


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