OY Surf Review of Zana top and Bahama bottoms

This is the 2nd surf bikini from OY Surf Apparel we have reviewed. The quality of their fabrics is second-to-none & the multi-use Zana top is one of our favs for days when the winds are up & you want a little more coverage.

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One thing we love about OY Surf Apparel is how simple their swimwear designs and aesthetics are. Very well-thought-out, highly-functional, and great quality. This European brand out of Switzerland has been making covetable active swimwear for a while. 

Now using recycled textiles in their range, OY Surf Apparel kindly sent us one of their new multi-purpose tops called the Zana to test. With a super-soft brushed fabric, the Zana has come one of our go-to surf bikinis when we want a little more coverage from the sun or warmth from the wind.


The Zana top quickly became our go-to for when the wind was up and we wanted a bit of warmth in the water.


Oy Surf bikini review
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We tested the Zana top (L) & Bahama bottoms (M) in Cloud colourway, 59€ each


OY Surf Apparel – What we loved 


The luxe soft fabric

The new brushed recycled fabric that OY use in the Zana top and across a few other items in the range (including the surf leggings ♡♡♡), is incredibly soft and warm. It doesn’t feel like swimwear, more like your favourite yoga top. I guess that’s why they are positioning it as a multi-purpose item. We found it more breathable than regular lycra swimwear too, which meant we could wear in comfortably out of the water as well (we wore it to the pub paired with a lovely long skirt!).


Surf bikini fabric
The fabric is not like typical swimwear fabric. It is so soft.


Great balance of coverage, temperature, & movement

In warm climates, protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun is paramount. But sometimes it is too hot to wear a long sleeve rashie, or you simply want to be free in a bikini. The Zana top offered that balance. It gave great coverage (high neck and top of back) but kept your arms free. It quickly became our go-to for when the wind was up and we wanted a bit of warmth in the water.


High waist without being frumpy

Truth-be-told, we are not the greatest fans of high-waist bikinis over here at Still Stoked. Mostly because of our body shape but also because many high-waist bottoms end up looking frumpy. These have a high cut bum which is both comfortable to wear and looks great. 


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High waist surf bikinis
High cut but also high-waist


Tight fit so stayed put 

The Zana top is best-worn tight and snug. It doesn’t have an internal balconette to hold your boobs up but did a great job of making sure nothing moved or popped out the sides or bottom. It was really comfortable to wear and we had full confidence surfing solid waves in it.


Girl on Shelly Beach, Manly
The Zana top is incredibly flattering.


Double-lined so extra warm & supportive

Both the Zana top and Bahama bottom are doubled over in two layers of the same soft, recycled fabric. This helped keep us warm and offered that extra bit of support. On a hot tropical day, we found the Zana top was a bit too warm to surf in.


Great value for money

Seeing as most surf bikinis these days end up being around the $100 mark for the separate top and bottom, the price of 59 Euros for each separate item is great value for money. 


Girl climbing rocks in bikini
Designed for low-impact activities. Rock scrambling included!



Just like having a quiver of surfboards for different conditions, every surfer girl needs a swimwear quiver. The Oy Surf Apparel Zana top is a multi-use surf bikini that can transcend the water to the nightclub and not leave you with nasty underboob sweat marks. On days when the wind is up, it will quickly become your go-to surf top for its warmth and coverage. 

We want to pair the Zana top with the surf leggings for max comfort vibes!

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