Costa Bikinis Review

Costa bikinis are reversible bikinis designed in Spain with a fantastic price point


Costa Bikinis are a surfwear brand made in Spain and designed by surfers for surfers. These bikinis are designed for surf, kite, sup, bodyboard and all watersports. and they are tested by their professional surf team and ambassadors around the world. Its a surf brand by surfer girls for surfer girls, between us! All designs are reversible and with the mix and match concept. A product 100% from Spain, they are proud to be ethical and they use just Spanish fabrics.


Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked



Testing the reversible Del Sol top (40€) and bottom (40€) in Boho Blue


Why I chose this style?

For surfing, I prefer the crop-top style bikinis. Out of the whole Costa bikini range, this style would definitely be best for my body shape. They also offer a fixed triangle style, in their surf bikini range.


Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked
Costa Bikinis are a surf wear bikini brand from spain


What I loved


The Boho print & option of pale blue on the reverse (reversible bikini)

The Boho print is just gorgeous! I’m a sucker for the colour blue as it looks great blue eyed blondes like myself! The pale hues also good great with a tan. Costa Bikinis have 5 colour ways (actually 10 because it is reversible), for the Del Sol top (2 plain and 3x gorgeous prints).


Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked


The cut of the bottoms

The low-rise, cheeky cut of the Boho bottoms really does make your bum look good! They were really comfortable to wear, even all day when traveling and sitting for long periods of time. Some other bikini brands I tested, had crotch bands that were are too wide, forcing the fabric to fold in on itself. The cut of the Boho bottoms is near perfect – high over your butt cheeks but not thong-like, in an intrusive, high on your hip way.

Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked


The thick hip band of the bottoms (with tie)

An extension of my above point about the cut of the bottoms: I loved the thick hip-band on the bottoms, really comfortable on your hip. The tie ensured they stayed in place when surfing (see below note about the tie and cross-back straps).


The crop-top shape of the bikini top

The bikini top is really flattering, with a scoop neck rather then a high-crop. While this style looks amazing for sunbathing, it was pretty useless for surfing on a body shape like mine (big boobs!). The crop-top is just too low-cut. I’ll never forget pro surfer Tarnea O’meara shouting at me from the beach in Popoya, Nicaragua where I was testing the bikini… “Alexa, Alexa your boobs are out!”. I was riding a wave to the shore, flashing the whole beach! If you have a large chest, this is not the surf bikini for you to surf in.  Sunbathe yes, but surf… maybe not!

Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked


The price

80€ is a great price for a surf bikini, coming in at around $90USD for a set.



What they could do better


Improve the stitching in the string used in tie-straps

Costa bikinis use one single thread to create the spaghetti string used in the cross back and ties, on the tops and bottoms. This single thread was like a razor-blade on my shoulders, ribs and back when tied tight for surfing. It was also really weak and broke after my first surf. The thread then unraveled, leaving the spaghetti string as a single band of fabric dangling from my back. I tied a knot to stop it unraveling further but the damage had been done. A strap on a surf bikini needs to be re-enforced with very strong tread and/or multiple stitches that do not cut into the wearer or break when tied tight.

Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked


Make the straps thicker

Thick, flat straps equate to comfort when it comes to tying your bikini tight. The single stitch and thin strap used in this bikini was not comfortable as mentioned.

Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked


Overall impression of this Costa Bikini


The production methods used to create the straps really let this bikini down. The lack of comfort from the thin straps is one thing but the main issue is the durability of the straps.

That print though – so nice and the bottom are some of the best bikini bottoms I have ever surfed in.



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Surf bikini review


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