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Over coffee in The Drifter café in Uluwatu, Bali, I met Lauren and George from Surf Worthy. The two lovely ladies that created Surf Worthy Bikinis. We got on like a house on fire with similar backstories (English girls gone tropical) and a love of surfing (finding ourselves both in surfing’s mecca). After hearing their story, seeing the colourful prints and feeling the quality of the sustainable fabrics, I was so excited to put a Surf Worthy bikini to the test.


Surf Worthy surf bikini - for surfer girls that rip!
Loving my Surf Worthy – it’s solid in big surf!



About Surf Worthy

Surf Worthy is a women’s surfing brand with a conscious. They are not into faceless factories and have met the skilled adult workers who make their clothing. The bikinis are handmade by happy people and they vouch for the good vibes in the family-run business near their home in Bali. When they are turning a healthy profit, the have promised to reward cash bonuses to their sewers for their hard work. Yup, I’d want to buy from them too! It’s refreshing to find a brand that wants to make a positive difference.

  • Handmade in Bali
  • Use sustainable materials
  • 10% of every Surf Worthy purchase to Indonesian NGO, the Coral Triangle Center


If everyone used their purchases to do good, the world would be a much better place for the planet and our fellow brothers and sisters. Initiatives like this mean a lot to me.



Testing the Eco-Warrior Surf Bikini. Print by Sasha

I wore the top in large and bottoms in medium (I’m 32E cup and size 10 UK/AU)

The Eco-Warrior collection is $60USD for the top and $55 for the shorts.

Use code STOKEDFORSURFWORTHY for 10% off.


Surf Worthy Eco Warrior collection
The Eco Warrior Collection



What I loved


Fabrics made from recycled fishing nets

Doing good with my purchases is really important to me especially after seeing the overwhelming amount of plastic pollution across the Indian Ocean. Knowing that this bikini is made from regenerated discarded fishing nets means I have contributed to cleaning up the ocean somewhere and sending the message to manufacturing that there is a market for recycled textiles. The quality of the fabric made with ECONYL® yarn was exceptional.


Surf Worthy bikini review



Full coverage & thick ribcage band

My upper body shape (big boobs) dictates the coverage I need in the surf (full coverage). I am yet to find a non-adjustable crop-top style bikini that is tight enough around my skinny ribcage. The Surf Worthy bikini design is solid and really flattering. The thick band around my ribcage made it almost impossible to roll up over my boobs. It stayed put even through big wipes out, of which I had many in The Maldives.


Surf Worthy surf bikinis
Designed for big waves, these surf bikinis from Surf Worthy are the real deal.


Prints by female surf-loving illustrators

It’s no secret blue is my favourite colour so it was tough to chose between the three prints by three different artists. I opted for the Mandala inspired illustration by Sasha Luchkova but it was a tough choice as the wave brushstrokes bikini by Abri Rachel and the wave illustration by Caroline Istas was so beautiful. I got so many comments on the bikini print every time I wore it. I wore the shorts out as regular clothes many times in Bali and beyond!


Surfing in the Maldives
Staying ahead of ‘The Machine’.
Photo Lena Stoffel


When you fall in love with a bikini like I did Surf Worthy, you are heartbroken if the fabric and shape deteriorate. Surf Worthy is designed to last.


The thickness of the fabric

All Surf Worthy bikinis are double lined for durability and comfort. This means they won’t stretch where you don’t want them to and also that they will last longer. When you fall in love with a bikini like I did Surf Worthy, you are heartbroken if the fabric and shape deteriorate. Surf Worthy is designed to last.


Still Stoked for Surf Worthy - bikini review
Surf wear, casual wear – you choose!



Comfortable thick straps

Nothing bothers me more than straps that cut into my shoulders or ribs. The thick ribband that I mentioned before and the width of the straps over the top of my shoulders were really comfortable. Not having any ties that un-do in the surf was also a nice change! Less faffing, more waves!


Girl surf trip to the Maldives
Jumping from our own private Dhoni to the waves.
Photo Lena Stoffel



Comfortable high cross back design

The Surf Worthy bikini was the first high cross back crop-top style I had tried. It was so comfortable when paddling, you can tell it was designed by someone that surfs a lot. The straps do not roll or move around your shoulder blades when you paddle. One of my favourite features, plus it looks GORGEOUS, revealing all the definition of your back muscles.


Surf Worthy bikini review
Shorts don’t give you a wedge while you wait for waves



Cut of the shorts

I usually opt for skimpy bottoms but I LOVED the shorts. They were super flattering and really comfortable to surf in. I wore them a lot out of the water too. They looked so good.



Draw strong in bottoms

I simply won’t surf in a bottom that doesn’t have a drawstring. There was no pulling up the bottoms from below my bum checks as they stayed put. If the surf is big and I have a lot of elements to deal with these will be my go-to surf bikini bottoms. Solid.


Surf Worthy in The Maldives
Testing her out in The Madives
Photo Lena Stoffel



My purchase donated 10% profit to protect Indo’s reefs

The use of sustainable fabrics in addition to a 10% donation to an Indonesian NGO, the Coral Triangle Center is almost enough for me to buy this product by itself. If everyone used their purchases to do good in the world (1% for the planet, positive conditions for factory workers, sustainable manufacturing, donations to good causes), the world would be a much better place for the planet and our fellow brothers and sisters. Initiatives like this mean a lot to me.



What they could do better

Nothing. I honestly think they have nailed it. I’m looking forward to seeing how they expand their designs and product offering.


The Maldives crystal clear water .
The water in The Maldives is some of the clearest you will ever see!



Overall impression of Surf Worthy

Surf Worthy is the perfect name for a small independent surf bikini company that is trying to do good in the world. These girls surf well (George charges!), they chose a life in Bali and are doing everything they can to be mindful to add positively to each element of designing a perfect surf bikini. From the bikinis being made from recycled fishing nets to knowing the workers that handmake them by name, and ensuring they have good working conditions. To putting their money where their mouth is and donating 10% of their small profits to help presence Indonesia’s reef. I love everything about this company and their bikinis. If you are in the market for a new surf bikini, then I hope Surf Worthy is up the top of the list over any mainstream surf brand that has nowhere near the same values.


Surf Worth bikinis range from $110USD for a bikini bottom and top. Check out their website as they have some of the Wave Warrior styles on sale for $25 a pop. Use code STOKEDFORSURFWORTHY for 10% off. Depending on your location, shipping time is estimated between 5-10 days, some remote locations may take a little longer, up to 14 days.

Follow them on their website Surf Worthy, Instagram Or their Facebook.


Bikini provided by the girls at Surf Worthy – Thank you!


Surf bikini review


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