TIDE + SEEK Bikini Review

Tide + Seek is a fun, independent brand out of England, doing their bit to make a difference to reduce the number of plastic bottles that go into landfills every year. While they are at it, they are also making really cute swimwear. Use code STOKED10OFF for 10% off!


Still Stoked had the pleasure of first discovering and then testing out a Tide + Seek bikini while on an adventure sailing across the Pacific Ocean. We saw the problem of microplastics first hand on our sail. They were littered as far as the eye could see on some of the remotest beaches in French Polynesia.

While one bikini is unlikely to make a difference, it is companies like Tide + Seek who are committed to sustainability and finding product-viable solutions for the ever-increasing plastic problem our planet is facing. We, as mindful consumers, if we have to purchase new things, should support the products and efforts of independent, sustainable companies just like Tide + Seek. 


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Tide and Seek bikini


Here’s how they do it:

All plastic bottles labeled with #1 on the bottom have the same chemistry make-up as polyester, known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), allowing plastic bottle flakes to be transformed into fabric perfect for swimwear. 

Tide + Seek use REPREVE® fabric, which is a polyester fibre made of 100% recycled plastic, comprised mostly of post-consumer plastic bottles. On top of that, the production of the fabric offsets the use of new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases, while conserving water and energy throughout the process. 

The REPREVE® fabric used within all of Tide + Seek’s products is chlorine resistant with a UV protection of factor 50. The quality of the fabric is so good, it’s hard to believe that you are actually wearing recycled plastic bottles!


So what did Still Stoked think?


We tested the Surf Bralette, size L, £35 and the cheeky coverage pant, size M, £32 – both in the popsicle print.

If you have a large chest and want to be active on the beach or in the surf, then this isn’t the best bikini style for you. A smaller chest of around a B cup would be perfect. For regular beach activities, the bikini was incredibly flattering for my E/F cup.  


Use code STOKED10OFF for 10% off!


Tide and seek bikini bralette


We loved the prints!

Have a look on their website. These are fun, playful, light-colored prints with splashes of colour. It was hard to choose the popsicle option when the Aqua Marble and Purple Lava were also so nice.   

You also could order a matching hairband in the same prints. These were ABORDS and we wore it all the time!!! See the image of the right above, on the far right… cute right?


The cross-back straps are adjustable

As with all bikinis that we review, having adjustable straps is a necessity for surfing. We were able to adjust the length of the straps to help hold our girls place. 


The REPREVE® fabric was durable

We lived on a boat for 3 months and were on water rations, meaning swimwear did not get a regular rinse. 4 months later and over 60+ wears, the bikini is still and holding its shape. You would never know you are wearing recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is super soft.


sustainable surf bikini


The bralette style was incredibly flattering but not good for a surfer with larger boobs

That straight crop style looks great on all breast sizes and was incredibly flattering on my bigger chest. Sadly for surfing, this was a no-go for us as our boobs fell out of the top and the bottom. Not being able to adjust the width of the band around your ribs was an issue. But instead of a thick tight supportive band, you get a gorgeous vertical band, back design which is ultra-feminine.


The price point is very affordable

With the bikini top and bottom being £35 and £32 respectively, this is about 20% less expensive than other bikinis on the market of similar quality.


The shoulder straps could be a little thicker

We found that we needed to adjust the should straps quite tight to hold out boobs in. Being so thin they started to cut into our shoulders. This is only an issue for ladies with a larger, heavier chest. Smaller chests will not find this to be a problem. It was great that they were double stitched and flat as this helped to disperse the weight and the stitching didn’t cut into your shoulders.


surf swimwear


Use code STOKED10OFF for 10% off!


Overall impression of Tide + Seek Bralette bikini

We love this little brand out of the UK. They are making beautiful swimwear in stunning prints, all while maintaining their environmental values and spreading the word for their customers to do the same. We absolutely love their prints and the additional hairband idea, and think that the one-piece swimwear would be definitely worth checking out. While we personally won’t be able to do much surfing in our Tide + Seek bikini, it will be a regular fixture on our bodies when not charging waves. It is so well made and beautiful. Definitely check them out. Rember to use code STOKED10OFF for 10% off!


Sustainable surf bikinis


All product for this review was gifted by Tide + Seek

Images taken from their website as well as taken by Still Stoked.

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