Intermediate Surf Advice for Fast Progression – With surf coach Gee Cormack

How to get better at surfing fast – that was the aim of this conversation! Alexa sat down with high-performance surf coach Gee Cormack for another Still Stoked chats based all-around intermediate surf advice and fast-tracking surf progression.


Gee Cormack is one of the two high-performance coaches on our all-women’s intermediate to advanced boat trip to the Mentawai Islands in October. If there is one thing all the ladies coming on this trip want to do, it’s to use these next few months to train, train, train. Keep scrolling down to have a look below on the videos of Gee and Alexa training on the skateboards.


A regular at coaching surfing on-land using a Smooth Star skateboard, Gee talks through a whole load of intermediate surf advice with Alexa ranging from how the skating is the number one thing to fast track your progression, to being on the right surfboard, to how good (and also embarrassing) video analysis can be… all the way through to discussing how surfing different types boards at this intermediate surf stage can be hugely beneficial. 


So grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this chat with Alexa and Gee Cormack on all things intermediate surf advice for fast progression.




Want to fast-track your surf progression?

Come a join us and 11 other like-minded RAD women with all the same goals as you, in the Mentawais this October. Only 2 spots left!!!

Find out more on the Mentawais trip page or contact us for more details. It’s going to be a trip of a lifetime with two world-class coaches, video analysis, photography package and all-round RAD times. You don’t want to miss this trip!



Alexa and Gee train using the Smooth Star Skateboard, setting up bottom turn drills and top-turns.


For more intermediate surf advice videos, make sure you check out the Still Stoked YouTube channel (and please please Subscribe!!!), and the surf progression and training section of Still Stoked which features all our best intermediate surf advice articles, interviews, and content all focused around surf progression.


We’ll see you out there!


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