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On this page you will find videos, articles, interviews and a whole load of tools to help you progress your surfing. We even have a boat trip with two amazing surf coaches to the Mentawai Islands next Oct 2020, if you are serious about progressing your surfing to the next level.

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First identify then kick those bad habits!

Once we figured out what our bad habits were and focused on correcting them, our surf progression went through the roof!! Melanie and Alexa shared a lot of these learnings in a video series that is well worth a watch.

Get advice from a surf coach to fast-track your progression >>>

Alexa sat down with high-performance surf coach Gee Cormack to discuss the challenges an intermediate surfer faces, getting to that next level.

Gee's tips include using an on-land surf trainer, correct wave positioning, reassessing your goals with your ability, & of course, choosing the right surfboard for the conditions.

Top articles focused on surf progression

Make life easier for yourself

We've done a whole heap of reviews and testing of surf products that help you to get the most of out your sessions. From surf bikinis, to surf sunscreen, these small items can make all the difference to a session.

No one likes to come in early because their bikini broke or their sun screen sucks!

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