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Specncer O'Brien

An Open Letter to the International Olympic Committee on the “Shit...

The "shitshow" that was women's Olympic slopestyle   - This letter was written by Amber Stackhouse (an exceptional snowboarder that was a HUGE inspiration to me)....
Aimiee fuller drops in to Olympic Snowboarding Big Air

Olympic Snowboarding Big Air – So hot right now

Snowboarding has always been a world of two halves: the competitive side fuelled by increasing rules and regulations, and the soul-searching freeride side, seen...
Suzuki Nine queens

Anna Gasser & Giulia Tanno win Suzuki Nine Queens Big Air

  “The jump is perfect for trying new stuff; that’s why I was able to do so much with one day of training. This is...
Anna Gasser video snowboard edit from Austria. Summer snowboarding Dachstein

Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer destroy the Dachstein summer snow park...

Serious technical snowboarding from Anna Gasser in this summer snowboard edit!   https://vimeo.com/134100308 Snowboarders Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer spent a few weeks at the Superpark Dachstein to...