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What is in my backcountry pack for skiing or snowboarding

What’s in my backcountry pack? Essential gear for ski or snowboard...

What's in my backcountry pack?   We all love gear right? Some people more than others. Get a few backcountry ski or snowboard heads together and sooner...
Craig Brokensha snowboarding

Exploring Australia’s surprisingly good backcountry terrain

    And you thought Australia had no snow!   This past winter, one of the promises I made to myself was to check out the Australian backcountry....
Avalanche beacon training on the beach in Sydney

Backcountry Safety: Gear, courses and essential avalanche skills (video)

Backcountry Safety Gear, courses and the skills you will need   Backcountry skiing and snowboarding is hot topic right now. Escaping the ski resort crowds, getting amongst the...
Backcountry safety avalanche backpack

What to pack in your backcountry snowmobile backpack?

What to pack for snowmobiling Professional snowmobiler Julie-Anne Chapman knows a thing or two about packing a backcountry bag. She takes us through what items she wouldn't...