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Roxy pop surf collection with monica byrne wickey

Roxy POP SURF returns with sexy pastel palm prints

Shop Roxy PopSurf "Show a little skin. Flaunt a lot of colour. And never give them what they’re expecting."   The trend in fashionable, surf-functional water-wear, continues...
Colourful sexy wetsuits from sirensong westuits. Handmade from Hawaii

Sirensong Wetsuits – Surf in sexy and colourful pieces of art

  Sexy, colourful wetsuits. What girl doesn't want to look unique and special in the surf? These stunning wetsuits from Sirensong in Hawaii are hand painted...
Roxy Pop Surf sexy wetsuit and surf bikini

The Roxy Pop Surf collection is sexy, functional and hot!

Shop the Roxy PopSurf collection - it's all 100% recycled!   Roxy believes that things aren’t always black and white. Life happens in colour. They believe that you can...
ellie coffey, billabong surf capsule,

Billabong Surf Capsule – New sexy wetsuit range

  Billabong surf capsule brings colour and cool prints to the surf.   Colour is cutting through! Recently some of my guy surfer friends have commented on how cool...