a land shaped by women

World champion snowboarders Aline Bock and Anne-Flore Marxer splitboard and surf their way around Iceland while meeting some of the country’s most progressive women.


On a recent surf trip to The Maldives, Aline Bock, one half of the production duo of ‘a land shaped by women’, was finally able to get warm after a long hard spring in Iceland. Her and Anne-Flore had been living and traveling in their van, meeting some of the countries most iconic women, snowboarding the islands most beautiful terrain, and surfing its coldest waters. She was elated but exhausted. Aline smiles as she told me that the movie that they had been filming, is going to be really special.


a land shaped by women - Iceland


And special it is. Both Anne-Flore and Aline as professional snowboarders have fought hard for gender parity in their male-dominated sport throughout their careers. ‘a land shaped by women‘ is an antidote to that struggle. An empowering story bringing a strong feminine narrative to the outdoors. It encourages all to open our eyes and be part of creating a future world that won’t have to fight for gender equality. In that future world, just like in Iceland, it will be the norm.


Meeting the Icelandic women, was the most inspiring encounters of my life!


This film could not be coming at a better time. Gender equality and movements like the Women’s March and #MeToo are an ever-increasing hot topic. It’s a topic we at Still Stoked are very vocal about, especially in sport.  We can no longer watch young girl surfers earn half the prize money of the boys, to surf the same waves and think that’s OK. That is not the world we want to perpetuate for the next generation.


Aline Bock and Anne-flore Marxer VanLife


So why Iceland?

Well, Aline and Anne-Flore had longed to travel there to surf and snowboard but also because it holds a long history of women in leadership.  The country has played an important role in the modern history of equal rights, being the first country in the world to elect a female president in. It also ranks fifth in the United Nation’s Gender Equality Index, often fluctuating between 5th and 1st place. Basically, it is an island full of badass women, showing other countries that equally leads to wonderful things.


Heida Brigisdóttir - founder of Nikita


Along the way, Aline and Anne-Flore interview some great women including Katrin Oddsdottir, an amazing woman, human rights lawyer and political activist, who was part of a small team that drafted Iceland’s new constitution. Katrin’s mother had founded the Women’s Alliance in 1983, getting women’s issues on the political agenda in Iceland. They then went on to meet a true modern hero of Iceland, Vilborg Arna Gissuraardottir. She was the first Icelandic woman to climb Everest and reach the South Pole. Any snowboarder will know you can’t go to Iceland without meeting Heida Brigisdóttir, the founder of celebrated women’s clothing brand NIKITA, one of the original female-lifestyle brands of snowboard-cool.


I asked Anne-Flore (who has long been a hero of mine in snowboarding) a few questions. She was so excited as the next day, she would be showing the film for the first time. That excitement comes across in her answers!


What was the best moment in making this film?

I loved every moment!
I loved the directing part, a bit like mixing the ideas I have in my head and translate it to a visual story..
A mix from all my past experiences as a snowboarder, empowering women, journalism (I’m a sports journalist in summer time), my interest in women’s history, and what happened during our trip :)

I was passionate about making research on Iceland’s women’s history.
I frothed on the idea of going and sharing the 2 months in Iceland with Aline Bock in a van.

Our trip was so beautiful. As soon as we arrived, it had just snowed and there were little waves to surf in -7° water.
It was cold but more importantly, it was magical… To share the peak with Aline after 8days of driving and taking the ferry.
We were alone in the water surrounded by beautiful white mountains…
The incredible landscapes.
Mountaineering by night under The Northern Lights was absolutely breathtaking and magical.

Stand up paddling in the frozen fjords and most importantly, meeting the Icelandic women, was the most inspiring encounters of my life!


Ice cold surfing in Iceland


I loved doing the interviews and connecting with the Icelandic women we met and who became great friends.
I loved editing the interviews… it gave me goosebumps each time I heard their empowering answers..
Editing every day all day for 3 months straight with Judith Emanuel, she has a baby she is still breast feeding.. so we adapted our editing hours to the sleep of the baby.. and I loved that litle fact about it adding a female component to the film making.
We also had the chance and incredible honor to have incredibly talented musician create an original soundtrack for the film. They composed the music on the edited film with a wonderful interpretation of what the film is about.

Massive thanks to Duckpiece Productions ; Ryan Keen and Dan Dare.
Even the lyrics are an incredible inspiration:

I follow the cold, I might see horizons, I follow my soul, I might fall, I’ll rise again!


Getting selected to incredible festivals…

Tomorrow we’ll get to show the film in public for the 1st time in St Anton Film Festival. I feel like I was creating this film in my private bubble, and I feel so thankful excited and honored to have people come to watch it.

I’m so glad to share this adventure with one of my best friend Aline Bock and most importantly getting inspiration and empowerment from the amazing Iceland we met!


Iceland - a land shaped by women


What would be a great win for gender equality in the next year?


… We are right behind you on that!


‘a land shaped by women’ will be doing the rounds on the film festival circuit and hopefully will be available to watch at a film festival coming to your home soon. We’ll keep you posted!


For more info, check out the Facebook page a land shaped by women.

To watch more of Aline’s amazing inspiring movies, check out: Way North, a film she made with Lena Stoffel in Norway, surfing, snowboarding, and skiing up to the Arctic.


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