AK Girls Way: How the girls shred Alaska (video)

How the girls shred Alaska – in loving memory of Liz Dayley


Episode 6 from Patagonia’s #Find_Away series is dedicated to the memory of Liz Daley, who was lost to an avalanche in Argentina a few months after this footage was filmed. AK Girls Way is an inspiring edit and a window into the world of a great girl that went too soon.


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To honor Liz a scholarship fund has been created to support women who “Live Like Liz”. Donate at http://www.livelikeliz.com.
In “AK Girls Way” Liz Daley and Caroline Gleich land deep in the Tordrillo Mountains for their first taste of Alaska. Join them camping on a glacier for two weeks, while they get the full human-powered experience—self-guided, self-sufficient, hiking and climbing together for their lines. Filmed and edited by Jason Thompson.


RIP Liz Daley x



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