There have been some great video releases from the women this year already. From Carissa Moore to Courtney Conolouge, it’s refreshing and inspiring to have this pipeline of new content to get us stoked.


Carissa Moore at Rincon

The 3X World Champ heats up for the Gold Coast.



Courtney Conlogue in Billabong’s Saltwater Sirens

From the experiences that shaped her to the drive that energizes her through the dynamic landscape of competitive surfing, Salt Water Sirens is a compelling look into the journey that has transformed Courtney from an athlete to an icon.



Bianca Buitendag – Oasis

Bianca Buitendag made a last minute decision to venture just beyond the borders of her home country, discovering an oasis of wonder not many people have had the privilege of uncovering before. Could she be the first girl to ever surf Skeleton Bay?



Leah Dawson & Mele Saili – Seea in Panama

Become one with water in Panama’s archipelago paradise. Traveling by boat for the smoothest peaks over reef to rinsing off with rainwater at the eco resorts, join the Seeababes in Panama where water stokes our souls.



Coco Ho Tour Diaries – Episode 1 at Snapper

Coco a competitive world-class surfer, a picture of grace, strength and femininity is surrounded by a band of like-minded competitive men who always have her back. This webisode series documents in the moment, highs and lows of travel, competition and most of all love.



Felicity Palmateer – Art and Angourie

Felicity Palmateer often finds herself seeking out inspiration and having a whole lot of fun courtesy of mother ocean and a plethora of surf craft at one of Australia’s most legendary point breaks.



Brisa Hennessy and the Aloha Spirit

16-year-old Brisa Hennessy derives from the ‘other side of Oahu.’ Where there isn’t any Pipelines or Sunset Beaches, but on the contrary there are bays full of crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and enough surf to refine her style. Brisa has all the accolades as a budding junior surf star, with numerous National Championship Titles, and a passport full of stamps from her love of traveling. Up next for Brisa is the global stage, with her mind set on the World Tour, and a heart full of the aloha spirit, there’s no telling where her talents will take her.


For more women’s surfing videos, check out the video section.


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