Unstoppable – The fearless life of Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is rewriting the rules on being a fearless athlete. UNSTOPPABLE is her untold story. Against all odds, she remains one of the leading professional surfers of our time.



What can we say about Bethany Hamilton? A few words come to mind: remarkable, a miracle, resilient, determined, UNSTOPPABLE. This is her story from childhood to motherhood. Overcoming a life-changing accident when aged 13, she lost an arm in a shark attack. The shark may have taken her arm but it didn’t take away her dream or passion for surfing. She is more than a survivor. She stayed determined and tackled the challenge to re-learn how to surf with one arm (see how Bethany pops up with just one arm – incredible!).


This film from Aaron Lieber, the man that brought us another great female surfing feature, Lakey Peterson’s Zero to One Hundred, has been a two-year project. It covers moments that many surf fans will remember. Such as the Fiji Pro when Bethany (invited as the wildcard), knocked out both the current World Champion Tyler Wright and the (then) six-time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore. It was quite the upset. Bethany took it all in her stride, sneaking off to breastfeed between heats. Or when she landed an air reverse. Or when she surfed JAWS. Her surfing conquests and accolades are many, alongside her work for her foundation, and of course, all while being a new mum. It’s moments like these, the stories of resilience, athleticism, strength, and determination that will make this movie mind-blowing.


I don’t need easy. I just need possible.


Bethany, you are an inspiration. We can’t wait to watch your movie UNSTOPPABLE. Keep being the powerhouse that you are.


Bethany Hamilton Unstoppable


The domestic theatrical release date for Bethany Hamilton UNSTOPPABLE is set for July 12, 2019. Expect the film to roll out to theaters across the country for the 4+ weeks following that date. See the UNSTOPPABLE film website for more information.


Header photo by Aaron Lieber


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