Coco Ho documentary


Get Coco Ho’s style – A look at the fashion staples you need for surfer girl style


Cheerful and always smiling, surfer Coco Ho is from Oahu’s North Shore. With a Rookie Of The Year title that lead her into her current 10th year on the world tour, she opens up in this new documentary for Volcom.


Coming from surfing royalty, she talks about how she got started, her rich surfing family history, ups and downs on the Championship Tour, and everything in between. Including exclusive interviews with brother, Mason Ho, father, Michael Ho, and world champion surfers John John Florence and Stephanie Gilmore.


I just remember trying to impress my brother. My whole growing up was all to impress Mason.


Coco seems to have a new injection of energy and drive in this movie and talks openly about wanting a World Title. She definitely has the skills to get one. She just has to put it all together.


I’m not going to let anything get in the way this time. I’m going for the World Title.


We <3 Coco Ho!


Thank you to Volcom for releasing this Coco Ho documentary.


Watch this surf film shot at 1000 frames per second – it is just stunning!


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