An ode to the women of the mountains.



Visually captivating with beautiful words that speak so much truth.

This is a stunning piece of work from Inmist Media House.



Don’t date a girl from the mountains.


Don’t date a girl from the mountains.

She is the one with windburnt cheeks and laugh-lines from each moment abroad.

Her smile makes you feel like you have shared a life or two

and her eyes are always wandering over the horizon.

The ocean her teacher. Bold woods her shelter. The earth her mother.

Advocating, inspiring, always enquiring.

Uncertainty excites her and permanence is a word long forgotten.

Take flight. Be light.

She’ll forget her jacket just to feel the wind on her skin.

Her imperfections, mapping places she has been.

She’ll map her way with the coastline and follow the weather as it comes.

Don’t date a girl from the mountains.

She struggles with authority.

Tending to the planet, her fostered priority.

She’ll grow with the seasons and move with the mountains.

Making her stance known and lighting other’s fire.

She protects her home until she is ridden with splinters.

Marked by the land. Protecting our due winters.

More brave within sunset hues.

Less clumsy without shoes.

Anxious to move. Don’t make her choose.

A blanket of snow. A cliff’s learn call.

A soul sisters whose hand helps you stand tall.

Don’t take a girl from the mountains.

Leave her alone.

She needs space, she’s not yours to own.

Laughter that echoes.

Hands that won’t shake.

Hearts already out the door, as soon as she wakes.

Save face. Know your place.

She only loves the chase.

Step back.

Let her be.

Give her the space.

Don’t date a girl from the mountains.

Hold back.


Her spirit and soul belong elsewhere.


Don't date a girl from the mountains



Written by Mirae Campbell and Ola Krol
Narrated by Jessica Soparlo
Produced by Mirae Campbell
Directed by RJ Bruni and Brenden Williams


Images taken from Inmist Media House.


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