Watch Electric Wave – A surf film by Audi

Three world-class surfers dance to the choreography of a music video director on an artificial wave at night. The result? Surfing action like you’ve never seen before.


“This project has been a bit of a magical mystery tour. No one has ever lit up this wave before. It’s an ambitious idea that the agency CONVICTS brought to me, so to see that first wave roll in under the light, with three amazing women surfers on it, it was incredible,”

– Electric Wave’s director, Daniel Askill.



Get a behind the scenes look as international surf-pros Stephanie Gilmore, Coco Ho and Leah Dawson travel to the Surf Ranch in California and make magic with Contemporary art-director Daniel Askill.



electric wave surf


Brought to you by Audi to celebrate their new electric car. After years of preparation, the film project Electric Wave was finally coming to life. Choreographed and shot at midnight over a hundred miles from the ocean, this futuristic film feels like something sent back in time from a space-age future. Rather than dwelling upon the raw power of the athletes and waves, Electric Wave paddles into the sport’s deeper waters. It sees surfing for what it is: art in motion, forged in a collaboration between humans and liquid.


Surfing has long been regarded as a solitary endeavour. Electric Wave turns that perception on its head. The film reimagines the sport as a collective pursuit. As world-renowned free surfer and activist, Leah Dawson, said on the night of the shoot, “this experience has been everything that I’ve dreamt of in surfing: to see women enjoying waves together and utilizing their surf knowledge, but also letting that go and allowing simplicity to sing. It’s been a joyous experience to share this with two of my favorite surfers in the world.”


Find out more about this film and the project on Audi’s website Electric Wave.


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