How Not To Rock Off – Sydney’s Northern Beaches

We watched this on Saturday May 23rd from the cliff of one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This is both a lesson in what NOT to do and also a serious lesson in knowing your limits. Filmed by Alexa Hohenberg / Still Stoked.



This video is a lesson in how not to rock off but is also hard to watch. It gets really bad when you learn that he is an absolute beginner and cant paddle or duck-dive (WTF!). Waves we easily 6ft and maxing 10ft on the sets.

Massive swell and dangerous ocean IS NOT THE TIME TO LEARN TO SURF! You are not Kelly Slater. Surfing takes years. Respect the ocean, learn the ocean, and know your limits.

I really do hope this guy was OK. He went out of my view, probs got washed to the beach.

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