An oldie (2011) but a goodie, this all girl surf movie is an inspiration to all women surfers.

Leave a Message is a girl surf movie by Nike 2.0 (when Nike was still involved with surfing – they pulled out in 2013). It features what was back then and still is, the new generation of woman athletes who want to create and innovate their own vision of women’s surfing.


“I live surrounded by surf all day, every day, and I follow many good guys. But these girls are doing things that is hard to believe”  – Jason Kenworthy, film director and photographer team from Nike 6.0


Featuring a group of talented girl surfers including Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Monyca Byrne-Wickey (Hawaii) and Malia Manuel (Hawaii). The film sees the girls surf across Australia, California, Hawaii and Mexico, showing the world what they are capable of.


I often watch this movie when i’m feeling flat about my surfing. There aren’t that many all girl surf movies out there so I tend to always come back to this one. I especially love Lakey Peterson’s part as you can see her skateboarding background really coming through in her above the lip tricks. She is definitely one to watch for a world title at some point in her career.

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