The incredible Melissa Arnot

A mentor to my good friend, Syd Paez Duncan, and an inspiration to women all around the world. Melissa Arnot is someone I personally look up to in absolute awe. Not so much for her mountaineering accomplishments which are INCREDIBLE (she holds the US record for climbing Everest 6 times, the last in 2016 without supplemental oxygen), but for her strength and persistence as a female mountain guide. Through my own journey working as a guide, I can relate to her struggles and experiences in this highly male-dominated and testosterone filled career. She has is a constant reminder to me, that women also have a place there and I too can accomplish my own guiding dreams if I work hard, practice, and want it bad enough.


For Melissa Arnot, climbing these big peaks has always been about answering the questions “Can I do this, or can’t I?”. You have to challenge yourself if you want to keep pushing your own limits.


Melissa is doing just that. Blazing a path for women to follow in her very small physical footsteps, that go as far and as high as your wildest dreams.


At the time of writing, Melissa Arnot and young climbing partner Madigan Miller are doing a 50 peaks challenge through Colorado climbing 50 peaks and talking about the goal of 50/50 gender equality in outdoor and sport. What legends.



Thank you to Mercedes for partnering with Melissa Arnot to tell this story so beautifully. We appreciate your support in getting promoting women like Melissa so we can take inspiration from her strength and achievements.



Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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