Tyler Wright just dropped a video called “Chasing Light” on her Facebook page. Filmed by Wade Carroll, for a series called “Ladies of The Sea” for Australian online retailer Surf Stitch,the Aussy powerhouse drops some monster barrels to a backdrop of morning light during a recent cyclone swell near her home in southern NSW.


The video has got everyone talking. Tyler RIPS! But of course some internet douchebags need to say it’s a good barrel ‘for a girl’, but quite frankly (and many have voiced this opinion), that’s a screamer of a barrel for anyone. Man or woman. Period.


And isn’t it great to see a video put out by a female surfer (and her bikini/wetsuit sponsor) that shows her raw, fearless surfing? I’m sure many chicks want to wear a Rip Curl Bombshell wetsuit now because Tyler rips in one. More of this please RipCurl, and more barrels for Tyler. Those internet douchebags obviously don’t know what’s up. A good wave is good wave, not matter who rides it… and that’s a good wave!


The truth is, I didn’t want it (the wave). The only reason I went was because I was sitting next to my brother, Mikey, and he called me in. I sat there and was like, ‘not it!’ And he went, ‘nope, you’re going!’ I was like, ‘f++k! Okay.’ I’ve had a lot of that with my brothers. But as much as I protest them, I just put my head down and go.

– Tyler Wright talking to Surfline about the monster barrel at the end of her video


Tyler Wright’s monster barrel in slow-mo

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