Voices for the Ocean – The women of Patagonia make a stunning new film

On a recent Sumbawa trip, surfers Belinda Baggs, Liz Clark, and Moona Whyte had the opportunity to share how their lives as surfers have led them to a life of committed activism.


This beautiful film by Patagonia called “Voice Of The Ocean” features three passionate, powerful, and playful women who have dedicated their lives to ocean adventures but also finding solace and their own voice through their relationship with the water. Liz’s incredible book SWELL is a must-read as well as her video interview, and Belinda Baggs sat down with us here at Still Stoked to talk about her work to preserve the beautiful planet and ocean she calls home.

Seeing these three women together in such a beautiful film is visual beauty at its finest.


Watch Voices of The Ocean


We protect what we love. Between the waves they shared on a recent Sumbawa trip, Belinda Baggs, Liz Clark and Moona Whyte also had an opportunity to share how their lives as surfers have led them to a life of committed activism. We can all speak out for change—and for some of us, the ocean is where we find our voice. Head to Patagonia Action Works to connect with a cause near you. Act now

“Over the years I’ve been passionate about environmental causes, but I was always waiting for someone else to take the lead. And after I had my son, Rayson, I realised that there was no more time to wait. I found my voice, and I found my confidence, and I think I found a lot of my confidence through surfing,” 

– Belinda Baggs


Patagonia make amazing women’s surf gear, many of which we have reviewed like their YULEX rubber (not neoprene) wetsuits, and their nano stick ranges.


Watch our video interview with Belinda Baggs


Captain Liz Clark on finding strength in her femininity


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