WINTER FOX sums up skiing in Hokkaido perfectly

Pow. Per-pow-pow POW! Not only is Lena Stoffel a beautiful skier, but creatively, she captures the soul of skiing and Hokkaido, so beautifully. It’s an absolute pleasure to release her movie from last year in and around the Niseko region, Winter Fox.



Lena Stoffel has brought us a few AMAZING films in recent years. There was her and Aine Bock’s movie Way North where they adventured across Norway in search of surf and ski. Then there was the all inspiring Way East, which followed the girls as they ski toured from Niseko to the ocean, all the way north via the ferry to the mystical island of Rishiri.


Quite a change from the -20C in which we met, I (Alexa), was lucky enough to be invited on a tropical adventure with these amazing girls on a boat trip to the Maldives. Luckier still, I now get to look forward to another winter in Hokkaido like the last year that Lena captured so beautifully in this short film, Winter Fox. Hopefully, we will be blessed with more days like this. It just didn’t stop snowing winter 2017/18!


The short movie was shot and directed by Lena Stoffel herself alongside crew members Aaron Jamieson, Simon Abt, Bine Zalohar and Aline Bock. With a very special soundtrack of Rory J Williams & Lee Ann Curren, this short film is a unique experience. It sums up the magic and beauty of the special island north of mainland Japan. Ravaged by the weather and calm in its mysticism, there is an unexplainable calm when riding the pow of Hokkaido that you just can’t explain unless you’ve been there.


I spent two months in Japan last winter and wanted to show everybody what Hokkaido means to me, through my eyes. I feel so content and calm in that country. It feels like a second home to me. But this was a big challenge as I am new in the field of filming.


Girl skiing Japan powder snow
Lena Stoffel by Aaron Jamieson


Words from WINTER FOX

For me, this is a unique place. It transfers a certain energy to me. My mind starts to rest and the world goes a bit slower.

Is it the white landscape covered by a huge amount of snow?
is it how the snow falls?
is it the crazy weather with only glimpses of magical light?
is it the culture?
is it the onsens?
is it the people?

I spend my days skiing.
I spend my days hiking in the forests.

its freezing cold, it snows … all the time …
I can count the days of sun on only two hands in two months of my time here
its windy and I have to break my own trail
its exhausting and I can’t feel my toes, neither the tips of my fingers

I am covered in snow, floating through pillows and it feels like I am wrapped up in this soft magic.
It’s weightless, it’s easy, its so much fun, its perfect
perfect snow

everyday tracks get covered
and its fresh every morning.

maybe its when the snow falls slowly and there is a sight of light popping through
the snowflakes turn into gold flakes
the world turns golden and magical
the sun lights up all the beauty for a little while
I am ready to embrace it with all my heart
the world stops

it’s deep out here
it’s wild out here


Epic powder skiing Hokkaido Japan
Lena Stoffel by Aaron Jamieson


About skier Lena Stoffel

With her roots in alpine racing, Lena Stoffel went her own way into Freeride/Freestyle skiing. She competed on an international level with good achievements and as one of the best female skiers from Europe over several years. Finishing 5th in slopestyle at the Tignes X Games in 2010, and as an olympic hopeful for the  2014 winter games in Sochi, Lena fought her way through surgery and two significant knee injuries only to miss the games whilst recovering, this triggering her leap into her passion of freeriding.

Now Lena is focusing on film and photo travel projects. With recent film projects like ‘WAY NORTH’, ‘WAY EAST’ and ´Kamui Mintara` being screened globally and enormously successful. She focuses on skiing and driven by the actual love she has for it travels to the most amazing places on the planet. Lena hopes to inspire girls to go out and explore. Furthermore Lena wants to show the beauty of winter and snow and that we need to protect our natural playgrounds.



Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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