Xanthe from Finding Avalon – How I was able to sail around the world

Sailing around the world isn’t as daunting and unachievable as it might sound. After spending 3 months together sailing across the Pacific Ocean, Alexa sat down with Xanthe from Finding Avalon, for a chat about how she managed to pull the whole thing off and also explore the unique challenges & beauty of a life spent living at sea.



Xanthe and Alexa have been friends for almost 10 years. Having met in the early weeks of starting their new lives in Manly Australia, they bonded over a shared love of adventure, the ocean, mystical moons, and a good cup of English tea. Who knew that many years later, Xanthe would discover a new passion in sailing and a beautiful young man who would guide her to make a dream she didn’t even know she had, come true. And that she would invite her old pal along for the journey: Crossing the pacific ocean on a 38ft sailboat called Finding Avalon – Check out their YouTube channel.


Best friends and wine
So close to land we could taste it… so we had wine… and cheese!


This episode of Still Stoked Chats was filmed the day that Alexa was leaving the ship after 3 months onboard to join Allie from Journey Junkie to sail to Tahiti. It was a sad day but also a happy one as Xanthe and Jackson got their home back (living on a small boat with no land in sight is challenging no matter how good friends you are!) and Alexa got to continue the adventure south.

Xanthe talks about how she managed to save the money to buy a boat. How the beauty and benefits of living simply is really revealed at sea, and of course, the highs and lows of calling a floating concoction of wood and fiberglass, your home for over a year.

If you want to read how she saved to buy a boat – read this article she wrote for Still Stoked before setting sail. If she can do it, you can too!


Want to know what a day in the life of crossing the ocean is like? Have a watch of the below video.


Subscribe to Finding Avalon’s YouTube Channel to watch the videos of their sailing adventure.

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