As earth-wanderers, always looking for the next adventure, we tend to be rather spontaneous humans. The ‘say yes and figure it out later’ type of personalities that always have a tale to tell. We find ourselves in the most unique of places, welcoming challenges and inviting new experiences into our lives. We like to live by the seat of our pants. Driven by this sort of lifestyle, it pays to be prepared. You want to be ready to get up and go anytime the opportunity arrives. For those of us that spend a lot of time outdoors biking, hiking, rafting, snowboarding or skiing, this is one cool accessory you’re going to want to own: a bracelet by Outdoor Element that is re-designing survival for those times when you may not be so well prepared.



So you can live to talk about it later


On first glance the bracelet looks like a fashion wrist-band. A sort of thick, braided friendship bracelet crossed with a leather strap. On further inspection though, you’ll see it’s got an integrated fishing hook hidden in the 8-10ft of paracord, home to two strands of fishing line and a strand of tinder. The central teeth on the buckle double up as a ferrocerium & stainless steel striker (like a flint so you can ignite a flame). So should you be stuck un-prepared, lost in the woods or backcountry, this little bracelet give provides you some vital tools to be able to stay warm, fed and hopefully discovered by search and rescue (the smoke from the fire you’ll be able to make, always helps search teams).


Outdoor Elements Kodiak bracelet could save your life if your adventure goes wrong



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Catch a fish and start a fire


All you need to do is unravel the bracelet, release the fishing hook and pull out the fishing line and tinder from the paracord. Wearing the bracelet won’t instil epic fishing skills upon you so hopefully you’ll know what to do with the fishing hook and line, but at least you have one right? Recall you fire-making skills and use the buckle to make a spark, light the tinder and whatever suitable dry materials you can find around you. Now you’ve got a fire going. Good one!


How to start a fire with the Outdoor Elements Kodiak bracelet



Tried and tested in Australia by us!


We tested the Outdoor Element Kodiak survival bracelet while camping at the snow close to Perisher ski resort. It took us a while to get the flint/striker to catch the somewhat sodden dead grass we had found but we got it going eventually (thanks to the tinder in the paracord and some toilet paper we found in the car!). Fishing on the other hand, we avoided that… but that’s because we were prepared and had sandwiches :-)


Simple living in Australia. Camping under a lean to by a bonfire.


I’ve given a few Outdoor Element Kodiak survival bracelets to friends and received great feedback, they were stoked! The product retails for $24.99 USD which is pretty awesome. Check out their website for more info, or follow them on Facebook.


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