How to get beach blonde surfer hair

What to ask the hairdresser for when going for that beach blonde surfer girl hair and how to keep your new blonde locks healthy and shiny.


Look at the surfer girl on the beach; see how her beach blonde surfer hair glistens in the sun. Bouncing about, the subtle golden flecks shimmering as she moves. Slightly damp and wavy, spilling down her back. Damn. That is some fine hair.

Image courtesy of Billabong AUS


Some of us are blessed with this hair naturally (or have discovered Sun Bum’s hair lightener spray!) – but for those that aren’t, great news, we can pay someone to do it for us! I recently visited Sydney salon, Edwards & Co. to transform my naturally brown hair to beach blonde surfer hair and asked their tips on what to say to achieve this sun-kissed, surfer girl look.


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 1. Be realistic with what you can achieve

Perhaps you have an image of being super blonde in mind. Have a look at your natural colour. Is it dark brown, slightly red, already bleached? Some colours may not be completely achievable on your hair the first time around. For example, darker hair with a reddish undertone will always come out a warmer blonde. Be prepared to compromise on the look you want and how long it might take to get there.


 2. Start at the front and work backward

That surfer girl, sun-kissed blonde is a unique blend. Because as beach babes, our hair so often sits against our head with the front section facing up. This is the section of our hair that receives the most sun. Beach highlights frame the face and then mix in with the rest of the hair in subtle flecks.

Ensure you tell your stylist to frame your face and blend the highlights throughout your hair to achieve that sun-kissed, just got off a boat in Bali, look.


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 3. Grow, baby, grow

While you don’t need long hair to achieve that beachy surfer girl look, blonde hair that flows like a mermaid’s sure looks damn good. But first things first, be willing to trim your hair. We are all so hesitant to allow a pair of scissors near our heads when we are growing it out. But getting a trim ensures your hair is healthy and the growth you have is only the good stuff.

If you need a bit of help to speed up your hair growth and strength, check out Kerastase Initialiste – it’s a leave-in concentrate that is well worth investing in to help your hair grow.


Surf hair beach hair
Image courtesy of We Are Handsome


4. Eat your greens ladies

So you want flowing hair that shines? Eat for it. Starting your day with a green smoothie with avocado, coconut flesh and milk, and heaps of greens will promote hair growth and healthy skin, nail and hair. Add an organic super green supplement to your smoothies or drink with a glass of water for that extra boost.

Get it in you and reap the happy surf hair benefits.


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 5. Take care of that golden mane

Bad news: putting bleach in your hair stresses it out.
Good news: you can help prevent too much damage and repair some of the old stuff too.

Put an oil or a hair mask like the one formulated for surfers by Tapa Reef in your hair before you get into the surf. This protects it from the damage from the sea and sun. When you get out of the water, put something in there straight away. Leave-in conditioner, argan oil, or my fav Sun Bum’s 3-in-1 beach formula – it smells of coconut suncream, yum! Make sure you slap it in to stop your hair from drying out from the salt and sun.

Hot tip: Every surfer girl from 6x world champ Stephanie Gilmore to 2x world champ Kelia Moniz use It’s a 10 leave in conditioner. Steph says it’s a can’t live without beauty item! Have a read of this article to see what other products the best pro surfers like Steph recommend.


Deep-conditioning treatments are your friend. Use them at least once a week. My hairdresser recommends I use Kerastase Resistance Masque Force to return the proteins that will stop it snapping.


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As an added bonus, all that time you already spend outside will take your highlights a couple shades lighter naturally. That’s just another benefit of surfing!


Now shake that flowing blonde hair you MEGA surfer babe you.



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  1. Thaks so much for this. I’ve been putting lemon in my hair to try to lighten it to get that beach blonde surfer girl look. I always felt like a bit of an idiot going to my hairdresser and asking for this. Thaks for the advice.

  2. I’ve been using coconut oil for about 2 months and the difference in the texture of my hair is amazing. It’s so soft and shiny. Thankfully, the days of using hair dye like the orange days of ‘Sun-in’ are firmly behind me…


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